Shiki Designs – Motomachi Girl

Weekends in SL are always amazing and busy.  There are tones of events and sales going on across the grid, and moving into a new season this is no better than any time for designers to showcase their new collections.

The Shiki Designs Fall Fashion Show with the “Essence of Japan” theme was the first show for me this season.  The event organized by the OGlam Inc. was highly publisized in groups so it was hard to miss.  Having said that, this was not the reason I was there.  I went to the show because I was really looking forward to see what Shinichi Marthy has to offer for this season.  And guess what?  I walked into the show with a pair of suit and came up with some really fabulous dresses.

Take the Motomachigirl dresses for example.   What I love so much about this dress is its’ heavy influence of the Japanese culture.  The high neck collar and fabric around the upper chest are made of organza whereas the patterns on the rest of the fabric is filled with Japanese traditional fan prints.  I also like the high waist and knee lenght pencil skirt.  Can’t help to notice how this fabulous cut enhanced my shape. 

Putting on this dress made me feel sophicated instantly.  If you are not a big fan of blue color, the Motomachigirl dress also comes in purple and honey color and if you want to be ahead of the peck in putting on and styling in Shiki latest collections, get your taxi ride here. 🙂 


The credits of this ensemble go to…

Hair: Lelutka Watson Dark Red

Jewelry set: Donna Flora Princess White Set

Dress: Shiki Motomachigirl Autumn Blues

Clutch & Shoes: J’s Rose Pump White

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