‘*•.¸CHOP ZUEY GIRL FALL 2011¸.•*’

YES!!  That’s ME!! 

I almost fell off my chair when I saw my picture showed up on the screen behind of Belle Roussel as she announced the winner.  I was elated and I still am now! 😀  Almost dragging the plant next to the stage with me as I walked up the stage to be crowned and to say a few words, my knees (or rather fingers) went limped and my mind was blank.  I couldn’t quite remember what I said (or typed) for my speech until I read the chat log again.

This is my first major win in a beauty contest and hopefully it will put my name on the map, though a small step but definitely a good start as I make my way back into the modeling industry again. 

Here are the two contest pictures (and now the winning pictures) again.


I was wearing the CHOP ZUEY Impossible Dream Hummingbird set in the first picture.


…and I was wearing the CHOP ZUEY CC – Juju Beans set in the second photo.

I will post pictures of me in my winning crown and jewellery set as soon as the pictures are available.  Meanwhile, here are some of the contest information.

Designer: Belle Roussel

Brand: Chop Zuey Couture Jewellery 

Photographer:  Leah McCullough

First runner up of Chop Zuey Girl Fall 2011: ESSY Luv

Winner of the People’s Choice Award: STARR Fairlight

During the crowning session I said “This was a tough contest for me (as I was competing with so many beautiful ladies, some whom are finalists in beauty pageants).  To me, all of the finalists are winners.”; and I still think the same.

A millions thank you to everyone for your well wishes, compliments and commets in the flickr.  They really mean a lot to me.  There will be more beautiful pictures and winning contests to come, but the Chop Zuey Girl title and crown will always remain special to me. <333

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