Vintage Lady

Here are two of many releases Shiki Design brought to you at the Vintage Fair.  I paired them with a .SHI 1920s wide brim hat and a pair of white gloves, both can be found at the Fair too. 

Read on for credits. 🙂

Most of the items credited below are only available at the Fair.  If you do not like to be the slave to SL lag, wait until December 4 where the items will be available in stores.   Alternatively, pick up the survival kit some designers have handed out in their group.  Rezzed and wait til the textures on the panels are fully loaded before you TP into the Fair.  That will help the textures to load faster on your computer.

You can find Shiki at the Classic sim and both .SHI and Purplemoon at the Retro sim. 

The credit of the items go to….

Picture 1

Hat: .SHI 1920s wide brim hat- Neutral (Vintage Fair item)

Hair: Donna Flora Marlene Red Hair

Dress: Shiki Vintage Lady Dress – Purple Rain (Vintage Fair item)

Necklace & Ring: Donna Flora Princess set (available both in store and at the Fair)

Gloves: From Purplemoon Luccy Dress (Vintage Fair item)

Shoes: Maitreya Verve Pump – Lavender Plush

Picture 2

Dress: Shiki Vintage Lady Dress – Flower Gardem (Vintage Fair item)

Shoes: Donna Flora Sandra Shoes – Wine

Here are the landmarks to the Fair.  Happy lagging, I mean shopping. 😛

Retro –

Classic –

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