As you can see, I’m still in my vintage mood.   This Harris Tweed coat brought me way back to the 1920s era, an era that women started to wear what they feel more comfortable; an era that women’s fashion revolutionizedand and became more modern.   

This Tweed Coat from .SHI has alot of detailed work on the texture and prims.  Not only that, it also comes with a cape that can be worn as an option to the coat.  .SHI is offering four different colors and patterns of the coat, which mean you willl get four different taste of the 1920s.

In the picture I am wearing the Cloche hat, also from .SHI, and the 1920s hair that comes with the hat.  I also paired the outfit with a long pearl necklace and complete my look with a lacy skirt.


Thanks to the women in the 1920s and Joy Laperriere from .SHI that we have such beautiful and sexy clothing to wear in both lives.  This is my second attempt of photoshop editing.  Hope you like the results as much as I processed the picture. 🙂

The credits of this ensemble go to…

Hair & Hat: .SHI Cloche hat (color change) – Vintage Fair item

Coat: .SHI Harris Tweed Coat – Vintage Fair item

Gloves: TaP – Tan

Skirt: The Sea Hole (from the Soft Exposure Ribbon Dress – Chickory

Necklace: Donna Flora ARIANNA necklace – Coral

Shoes: Shiny Things Tulip Pump – brown

Stocking: HAYSURIZA stocking black (store gift)

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