The Fashion Teller Contest

I made these pictures for the Fashion Teller Contest.  Honestly, the requirements were intimidating to my level of photography skills but I wanted to take it as a challenge to learn new PS techniques, so here we are!  It was days of trials and errors, going through of online tutorials and also the thoughts of giving up when I couldn’t achieve the results I wanted, but I am glad that I persisted and managed to produce something I am pretty happy with.

Hope you like them too! Well heck! Even if you don’t, I am pretty happy with it. 😀

So here are the sequence…

“The twins that do not see eye to eye”

“The fittest survived”

“Meet the evil twins”

Click on the pictures to view them in larger version.


Model & Photographer: Ai Hienrichs

First picture

Hair: Lelutka Editorial

Accessory in water & Skirt:  From Solidea Folies Freedom set

Necklace: Solidea Folies Chain Necklace

Shirt layer: Solidea Folies Winter Jewel set

Second & Third Picture

Hair: Mina Liss

Headpiece: Solidea Folies Faces black

Necklace: Solidea Folies Chain Necklace

White shirt layer:  From Solidea Folies Winter Jewel set

Black Shirt layer: Bliss Basic Aspasia Feather Top

Gloves: Bliss Couture Puff Gloves Noir

Pants: Redgrave White Satin pants

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