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Another exciting event happening on the grid right now and will run until March 11 is the MIX + MESH Spring Fashion Fair organized by the Avenue Agency.  I love the idea of the fair as it is a great platform to bring the designers together and introduce their mesh products to the world.  Although there are other designers that do that on different channels and on their own but on the consumers level that exposure is much slower.

I have been to the fair a couple of times as well as some of the fashion shows the agency organized during the period of the fair.  Everytime I am there I see something I really liked so I end up buying quite a bit of items that justify my participation of the styling contest. 😛

Well, it is a Spring fair but there is no where on the requirements that say it has to be a Spring look so I put forward my best possible mix + mesh style using mesh, sculpt, flexi and other items.  I don’t remember doing a black and white theme so I liked to try it now.

Visit my flickr to fav me if you like my looks. Your vote counts. 🙂

Visit the fair if you like to pick up one of the items I have presented. 😉

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Hair + hair base: from [AD] Cover that face – white set (available at the Mix + Mesh fair)

Collar (Mesh): Maitreya MCEHT Collar (available at the Epoch)

Top 1 (layer): from [AD] Cover that face – white set (available at the Mix + Mesh fair)

Top 2 (Mesh): Agnes Finney – My Precious Agnes Mori (Mesh) (available at the Mix + Mesh fair)

Ruffles on waist: from Agnes Finney – My Precious Agnes Suki (Mesh) (available at the Mix + Mesh fair)

Skirt:from [AD] Cover that face – white set (available at the Mix + Mesh fair)

Masks on skirt (Mesh): [AD] Creation Mix + Mesh Fair gift – Mesh Mask

Shoes (Mesh): Maitreya MCEHT Legging (available at the Epoch)

Necklace: Finesmith Pre-valentine’s Necklace black (group gift)

Gloves: .SHI Leather Gloves –  Black Leather

Eye lashes: Je Suis Apparence lashes 004

Lipstick: Pididdle Matte Indulge Me

Pose 1: DM Twisted Hunt items – Twisted Arcana – Libra (Extras)

Pose 3: ABS Handbah Pose 1 – past Tropicalia item

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