Colour of Couture

Colour of Couture (CoC) is a Top Model Competition created to bring mainstream awareness to Women of Colour in Second Life Fashion — including Aboriginal, African/African Diaspora, Alaska Native, Asian, Caribbean, Latin American, Maori, Native American Indian, South Sea and Pacific Island, and Indigenous heritages throughout the world.

Miss Colour of Couture will be that woman who can represent the celebrated diversity of models in SL. Unique in appearance and styling, Miss CoC will be a combination of grace and elegance and have a commanding presence on the runway. Miss Colour of Couture will be a welcomed ambassador to the fashion world with a care and ambition to help others.

I’m proud to be choosen as one of the CoC finalists.  Together with 15 other finalists, we will be involved in a series of photoshoots, styling, runway and flickr challenges, leading to the finale on May 6, 2012.  Do follow and support us as we progress in the next couple of weeks through the CoC website, flickr and inworld.

Also, on my blog, I will be sharing a little more about my heritage, our weekly challenges and most importantly my experience through this competition.  So watch this space for more to come!

Meantime, get to know me and the rest of the finalists here!

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