Fantasea, “Nostal;Dir” & EMO-tions at Fantasy Faire 2012

Today is the first time I put on a mermaid suit in SL; actually two mermaid suits in a day and I am spoilt with these two fabulous designs from Fantasea and “Nostal;Dir” (previously known as Rose Princess).

Highly recommend both outfits to anyone that wants to be a mermaid for a day or life, as they are promising sets that will steal all the thunders.

Fantasea Showstopper Mer Tail (FF Exclusive item)

EMO-tions Ice Queen Hair Darkbrown (available at FF)

Pose 1: Fantasea Mer Pose 1

Pose 2: From Fantasea FREE Mer AO

“Nostal;Dir” *+.RP.+* Sakura Shunmin (Exclusive Colour for FFL)

Pose 1: Part of the outfit from the MerEgg (FF item)

Pose 2: Wetcat

Location: Haven of Mermaid

I like to thank my mermaid friend Terelyn Catronis for giving me some lessons about mermaid and pixie.  I do have alot to learn about the fantasy world. 😉

Landmarks to the stores at Fantasy Faire below:


Designer: Corkie Houston

Location: Siren’s Secret


Designer: CelestialRay Serpente

Location: The Tide

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