Mavma & Je Suis

It’s time to get back to my blogging routine. First two items on my list that I must show you are the lovely Mavma eyes and Je Suis Coquet Mesh Bag.

Click picture for larger view

Click picture for larger view

Mavma eyes come in 4 colours i.e. black, blue, brown and green.  They are very realistic and beautiful.  My favourite is the black eyes which is what I am wearing in the picture above while chewing on my red Je Suis Coquet Mesh Bag. 😀

Mavma is a brand owned by Leah McCullough, a renowned photographer and model in SL.  Many would agree that Leah is an excellent photographer and there is no single doubt about her texturing skills.  I am really excited to find that Leah will be venturing into designing and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us.  For time being, visit Mavma on the Je Suis sim to check out these eyes and items Leah has released earlier on.

The Je Suis Coquet Mesh bag on the other hand is an exclusive item created for Culture Shock 2012, the charity event run by CHIC to raise funds for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).  50% of the sales coming from these donated items will go to the charity.  The Coquet bag comes in five solid colours i.e. gold, olive, red, cream and brown.  All with black matching trims, handle and bow.  Definitely a must have for this season!

Visit Je Suis at the Culture Shock today!

And in case you wonder, my hair is from Wasabi Pills.


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