The Ashraya Project Photo Contest 01

The Ashraya Project championed by Miss Virtual World 2012, Anna Sapphire, is having a photo contest, inviting all fashionistas on the grid to be involved in such a meaningful project.  This is really an event that we shouldn’t miss.

I’ve been to the fair a couple of times and the first thing I bought was the NYU Sakura Dress, made exclusively for the Ashraya project, and then I wore it for days, each time matching it with different hairs and shoes. 😛  The second item I saw on flickr and rushed to buy was the LpD Summer Breeze dress and hat but I wasn’t ready to take off my Sakrura dress so I wore the hat and dress together, and I am amazed how well the colors for both items matched!

The most recent exclusive item I bought, and definitely not the last item, was the Dahlinks Orion Bracelet, intended for this photo contest. 😉

Click pic for larger view

As I have done some processing of the picture, I am including a raw picture below indicating that I have indeed taken the picture below the bridge but because of the environment setting, there is very little shadow on the ground. 😉

Raw picture

There are many beautiful spots on the Ashraya Project sims and the architectures work very well with various environment settings, so it’s a wonderful place for photography.  If you haven’t visit the place, you should do that soon and while your shop there, why not show us your purchases and win some prizes? 😉

Here’s your ride for some fun and for a good cause today! <333  Contest ends on June 1, at 12pm SLT.


Ashraya Exclusive Items

Hat: *LpD* “Summer Breeze” Hat Pink Tone

Dress: NYU Ashraya Dress – Sakura

Bracelet: (Dahlinks) Orion Bracelets

Other styling Items

Hair: [e] Breathe Brown

Shoes: Redgrave Audrey II

Ring: {Zeerys} Cultured White Pearl Ring

Clutch: J’s Rose Clutch (part of the Rose Pump)

Makeup: Fishy Strawberry

Pose: Everglow

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