The Ashraya Project Photo Contest 2

This is a fun contest because I get to practice my styling, photography and PS skills; and all these for a good deed, so why not? 🙂

With further ado, here is my second submission.

Click picture for larger view

I did a sweet and chic styling in my first submission, so I did something different in the second submission.  My base of this styling actually started with the eye shadow from Lovely Mi, and from there I worked my way and came up with this styling. I’m glad to find some items that come with texture change menus, helped alot in coordinating the colours.

Whether this is a hit or a miss, we’ll see. 😛

Inspired by its’ vendor poster, I added some sparkles on the Champagne! bodysuit too.


Ashraya Exclusive Items

Hair: Tukinowaguma Spring (Color Reds/Bordeaux)

Eye Shadow: Lovely Mi Ashraya Pink [Eyes]

Necklace: FINESMITH – Kirin’s poem necklace brown (Stone color Lapis)

Bodysuit: Champagne! Sparkling Couture OVER India

Other Styling Items

Hairbase: Truth Blueberry

Eye lashes: Je Suis Apperance 004

Lipstick + Blushes: Shakeup! Cosmestic Loute Makeup Pack 4

Nail: Mandala Female Medium

Pose: Pose Sinfully Isolated13a

Location: Ashraya Project / SIM South

Sky setting: AvatarOpt

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