It’s been more than a month that the numbers of followers on my blog have remained over 250.  When I saw that number in early May that stood at 291, I thought it was a bug (or a joke) from WordPress so I ignored it for awhile thinking that the number would go back to normal once the bug is fixed.   The next few weeks after that, I noticed the numbers dropped a little to around 270 and then it went up again by a few and then the numbers keep “yo-yoing” between 270 and 280, but it never went back to the original.  So I did some investigations.

I clicked on my statistics on WordPress and checked the actual numbers of followers I have.  It stands at 41 todate.  The rest of the numbers are from comments and the biggest chunk actually came from my Facebook’s account as I have my blog syndicated there.  I suppose when someone click to indicate he/she likes my post, it got captured on my blog, adding to the numbers of followers.   Well, it may not be the most realistic way to capture the numbers but the numbers of people that read my blog is definitely genuine….so whoever you are, that contributed to this wonderful numbers of followers, I’m truly glad that you liked what I have posted so far and thank you very very much for your supports!

As my blog is syndicated to some fashion blogs, I should at least post a style here. 🙂

Hope you like this one!

Click pic for larger view

Please continue to click the “LIKE” button away! 😀


Hair: EMO-tions Waterlove (to be released this weekend)

Necklace: .SHI Stone Necklace – short

Swinsuit: *VoguE* Elise Swimwear – Bronze

Pose: LAP – snowflake 7 (snowflake was hidden in pic)

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