Solidea for Hope for Emilia

It started off as a conversation about blogging for Hope for Emilia has lead Teyara and I agreeing to pose together for one of our posts.  We have picked Solidea Folies because of its’ unique designs.

The sim we went to take our pictures had most of their objects made phantom, we couldn’t really stand on anything so we ended up floating on a bridge.  It was quite funny actually and the outfits were quite hard to pose together but we insisted because that was what we have set out to do, with alot of laughters during the session.   It was the first fun event for my rl birthday. 😛

I’m glad the pictures turned out decent.  Here is my version of it. 🙂

Click pic for larger view

….and here is Teyara’s version.  Don’t be fooled by her cool face, Teyara is actually a very warm and a fun person to hangout with so I am looking forward for more photography sessions with her. <33

You will have a few more days to pick out these items at Hope for Emilia before the event closes on Aug 9.


On Teyara

Dress @**SoliDea FoliEs* BacktoBlack/special edition for (HFE)
Lashes @ *SoliDea FoliEs* Una Rosa Rossa – Eye Decor (HFE)

On Me

Hair @!Ohmai : Myer, Messy Bun Ver. [Stars Collide] (Past Hair Fair item)
Dress @ *SoliDea FoliEs* Pouff (HFE)
Hat @ Vita’s Boudoir Lady Sarah Hat (HFE)
Lashes @ Vita’s Boudoir Couture lashes (HFE)
Makeup @ ! Face Paint Water Green & ! Face Paint Water Red (HFE)

Italic = Review items

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