Unique As The Barcode

Recently, I noticed an old friend changed her looks to becoming more like me. I wasn’t certain if I was over sensitive about it so I asked another friend that I trusted to look at it and the first expression she said was “You guys could have been sisters!”

I am quite bothered about it, not because she is copying me but I couldn’t understand why this person bothers to be like me, if we have fallen out.

My friend has asked me not to have any expectations on this person, that way there won’t be any disappointments.  The truth is, I do have expectations on anyone that is called a friend because should someone call me a friend, I expect the person to act like one and I expect a friend to be sincere and to be geniune, because that’s how I would treat him and her.

Anyway, you could copy my looks but you can never copy my styles. I am just like a barcode with an unique element that no one else would ever had.

Click pic for larger view


Hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Satina Hair – Champagne (Past Hair Fair gift)

Top: Color.Me.H.O.F [AnjaSheerBodysuit]

Bra: *SoliDea Folies* Venusia – black (L’accessoires item)

Pants & Tights: *LpD* – *Dea* Pants Black (Couturier’s Dock item)

Shoes: AZOURY – Les Bottines ZOE Jaune (L’accessoires item)

Ring: FINESMITH- playcube ring Haitian Flower

Pose: Manifeste

Italic = Review items

4 thoughts on “Unique As The Barcode

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  2. You know, not to long ago, I really started to like wearing mesh, however I constantly had to keep changing my shape in order to fit it. Now, I wasnt because I wanted to be “like her” or I had some hidden agenda of wanting to “copy” her style, I just wanted to wear mesh. Well, my “friend” took it like that. Needless to say, we’re not friends anymore, and thinking back, we never really were. Perhaps she just likes the same clothes as you, or, she just needs to keep changing her shape to fit the clothes. My other friend has done the same, but instead of letting a petty thing such as that, get to me, I’m helping her out, giving her tips and taking it as a compliment. Good luck and have a great day.

    1. aihienrichs

      Thank you for sharing your experience Shovel. I understand the changes of shape to fit mesh items and I do that myself alot, and by changing my body shape to fit a dress I don’t think I will end up looking like anyone else. It is also common of anyone liking the same dress, especially it is a beautiful new release from a good designer. No doubt about that. I agree it is a petty to call someone a copy just because she is wearing the same clothes and happened to change her shape too to fit the dress, but my experience is different, this person change more of the look on the face instead of the shape. I believe I am very objective when I post that. When it comes to helping a friend, I help friends unselfishly whenever they needed me, not just changing their shape to fit a dress, but I have helped them on walks, poses, pictures and stylings too. I have also helped a friend that was in the same contest as me unselfishly from styling to poses to walks to even watching notices, until the last hour before the challenge begun I was still helping her. I give compliment whenever it is due and I give objective feedback if asked. Just something about me that you probably didn’t know. 🙂 Good luck to you and have a great day too!

  3. Sorry, wrote that pretty fast without proof reading. lol

    Not, it* wasnt because I wanted to be like her, or copy her*

    Perhaps “she” (being your friend)

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