Fellini Couture 100th Gown Contest

Most of my close friends in SL would have at some point heard me saying how much I love Fellini Couture.  I have to admit Fellini is not a place where I could afford to shop everyday but I usually would treat myself for a trip there or a gown from there on very special ocassion.

I could skip any contests in SL but I will never skipped a contest from Fellini, so when I saw the 100th Gown Contest I jumped right in without hesitation; and because I am learning photography, I have decided I would do my own pictures this round.

It took me awhile to get started because the pressure of creating an image that would do Fellini’s clothings justice was just too huge, so I procrastinated.  It also took me awhile to find the poses and create the set, but finally I got to work and created the images below. 🙂  I like to thank Leah for her feedback, guidance and encouragement on the photography.  <333

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

Happy 100th Gown, Fellini!

Anyone that’s interested to pick up the gowns I have presented, your LM here. 🙂


Hair: Wasabi Pills Matchgirl Mesh Hair – Chocolate

Gown 1: Fellini Couture- Mistinguette

Gown 2: Fellini Couture- Dolce Vita

Cupcake: Poche The Cupcake of a Birthday

Poses: Diesel Works & Handverk

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