Today, I read from someone’s profile the following:

GIVE but don’t allow yourself to be USED
LOVE but don’t allow your heart to be ABUSED
TRUST but don’t be NAIVE
LISTEN to others but don’t lose your own VOICE

I found them really meaningful and definitely served as good reminders to myself.  These four phrases seem easy to understand but definitely not easy to achieve because it is never possible to put elements like giving, love, trust and listening on a scale and attempt to balance them.

Five years, going on six, in SL, I have met many truthful friends; and same time I met the equal numbers of the opposite.  My first approach to a friendship is always with sincerity.  I offer and give helps if I am capable and whenever I can.  Despite my limited times in SL,  I always delivered what I promised, because I feel despite this is a virtual game, it should not change who I am here.  I respect people the way I wanted to be respected, sitting in front and being shield by the screen would not change this fact.

Unfortunately, sometimes, helps were indeed being used, sincerity being abused and humbleness being misunderstood as weakness.  I would be lying if I said the experience didn’t hurt because some of these experience came from people that I thought were real friends, but apparently not.  I choose to walk away instead of making a big row out of them, because to me I learned some valuable lessons despite they could be some expansive ones.  My conscience is always clear and I could move on.  Did these experience changed me as a person?  Yes it did, but on a better side.  I am definitely a more cautious person now and I am not afraid to asked to be treated equal.

Spring Dress 1728

This is my first post for ArisAris and I am wearing the Tender Spring dress from the brand.  This dress expressed my mood of this post very well – a tender heart that is always filled with hopes and surprises.  I love the red pop colour on this subtle dress and the puff sleeves for the relaxed look, definitely something you would want in your spring’s wardrobe. 🙂

Have a good week ahead everyone!

LMs here!


Hair: [LeLutka]-MOSS hair – SoySauce

Dress: ***ArisAris Tender dress Beige

Necklace: .Shi : Stone Necklace

Shoes: Leverocci – Passaggio_Tan

Pose: DeLa

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