Steam Clouds for Fashion for Life 2013

LpD’s designs have always been dreamy and hopeful to me.  The Steam Cloud dress, earrings and make ups, made for the Fashion for Life 2013 (FFL) are no exception.  They are just the perfect buy and supports for this meaningful event.

I paired these items with a head dress from Glam Affair, for the most recent cycle of Collabor88, that sits perfectly on my Dolce hair from Lelutka. ❤

FFL 1080

Pick up the LpD items at the Fashion for Life 2013 before the event closes this weekend; and the rest of the LMs here!

p/s: My apologies for not able to write detailed descriptions on my posts lately.  I have been fighthing a fever and cold for close to two weeks now and haven’t been really sleeping well due to coughing.  As much as I love to do more, this is my best given my health conditions at the moment.  My priority is to making sure the photography continues to do your designs’ the justice.  ❤

A friend sent me this link to the Anime Face Maker game today.  The game is fun and I always have a soft spot for cute stuffs, so I made this image to express my recent mood.  You should try it too! and I love to see your mood, ifyou like just paste the link where I could view your image under my comments. 🙂

*cough cough*

sick ai

Stay well and healthy everyone! ❤


Hair: [LeLutka]-DOLCE hair – WalnutWhip

Head dress: -Glam Affair- I Follow Rivers, in Petal (Collabor88 item)

Makeup: *LpD* MakeUp – *Steam Cloud* Complete (FFL 2013 item)

Dress: *LpD* – *Steam Cloud* Dress (FFL 2013 item)

Earrings: *LpD* – *Steam Clouds* Earrings White (FFL 2013 item)

Pose: Diesel Works Alex Set (Collabor88 item)

2 thoughts on “Steam Clouds for Fashion for Life 2013

  1. JoV

    Hope you are feeling better Ai and that you are back up modelling for the world in full force again soon.

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