HANDverk New Mainstore

HANDverk has a new mainstore! The new, entirely handcrafted mesh building, conceptualized and built by Tobias Convair, co-creator of HANDverk, represents everything that the creators strive for in their designs: originality, meticulous attention to quality and style.  The new mainstore will provides the creators greater opportunity to showcase what they do best: create great looking, highly detailed mesh products.

Tobias brings his real world architecture experience into Second Life, offering a modern, balanced and trained aesthetic to his creations to his growing line of residential and commercial prefabs as well as his impressive collection of furnishings.

The store also serves as a showcase for HANDverk co-creator, Daphne Klossovky’s, collection of avatar accessories.  From inspiration to completion, everything that Daphne designs is her brainchild.  Her work is bold, clever and sometimes bizarre, created for individuals who chose to make daring and eye-catching statements through accessories.
mainstore 3 2931

mainstore 1 2931

mainstore 2 2931

mainstore 4 2931

mainstore 5 2931

You ought to check out HANDverk today and be one of the first to pick up some of its’ recent furniture releases, play some gacha while you hangout at the foyer, or give your accessories folder a makeover with some bold and statement pieces by Daphne.

Look no further, your taxi here. 🙂

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