Hair Fair 2013 – FIRST!

HAIR FAIR 2013 is finally here! The Fair opens on July 13 and will run through the 28th of the same month, so full 16 days of hair, hair, hair and more hair!  Many hair creators have put a certain portion of their sales for the benefit of the Wigs for Kids, and 100% of all Bandana Sales and Kiosk Donations go to Wigs for Kids too!  For more information of this meaningful event, you can visit the HAIR FAIR’s website here.

Unfortunately, because of my travel, I didn’t get to participate in making the Bandana this year.  Having said that, there are some really cool, classy and cute ones made by designers, bloggers and residents that you don’t want to miss!

I’m also very impressed with the design, layout and color of the sims this year.  They are Lego inspired builds that are very unconventional and playful.  I also understand the sims have been split into three parcels, each one is using the non visible attributes of SL, so we can’t see anyone on the other parcels.  This will help greatly in minimizing lag.  I had the honour of an early access and it was a great pleasure to shop without any lag.  There was no excuses of missing any stores given the early access which explain my inventory now is at least 100 more hair richer after the shopping trip.

Speaking about the sims, I also like how the “routes” are linked that anywhere can be a good starting point.  That means you can pick a store to start, you can turn left or right it doesn’t matter, just keep walking the same direction and you will be able cover all the shops and eventually end up at the same point you started.  Isn’t cool?

You can tell how excited I am about the Hair Fair but enough of talking now…. without further ado, I bring you some of my beloved new hairs!

(fashionably dead) Venus Windy – Dark Ombre 2

(f.d. is on the “Port” sim)

HF1 with pin

Clawtooth: Tootsie – Coco

(Clawtooth is on the Habour sim)

HF2 with pin

!lamb. Thieves Like Us (Mesh) – Kit Kat

(Lamb is on the Brickness sim)

HF3 with pin

Amacci Hair Eclaire ~ Dark Brown

(Amacci is on the “Port” sim)

HF4 with pin

You may check out the rest of the items I wore here.

Happy hump day everyone! ❤

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