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Colour of Couture – Week 1

It has been an intensive but fun first week in the Colour of Couture (CoC) Top Model Competition.

Immediately follow the announcement of the sixteen finalists, we were given instructions to style for four events. Two of which are for our weekly theme challenge and two for photoshoots of advertisement, so there were four stylings to complete in one week.

Our first challenge took place last Saturday (April 7) on the runway showcasing our styles and runway skills for the “Pyjamas Party” theme.   This is not a typical pyjamas party that most people have in mind like bring-your-curls and fluffy rabbit shoes or dress in your Victoria Secret kind of styling.  The theme actually means “going out” pyjamas for evening wear which I have learned is one of this Spring/Summer fashion trend.

It was really interesting to scout for a decent pyjamas look alike top, as well as all others that fulfill the theme.  I have to say it wasn’t easy to put the entire look together and matching the colours so I went for the best option I had, given the time and financial constraints.

…..and here are my week 1 stylings.


Pyjamas Party

I found the pyjamas look alike top from Bare Rose, a brand that I have sworned by for years, and paired it with the most slouchy trouser that is made of mesh, plus a black dress jacket from Lelutka.  I also added a little of my own touch by wearing a bathing cap.  I took red color from the pyjamas collar and match it with the cap.  As accessory should be minimal for this theme, I have only worn the LaGyo Papillion Red Heart ring which is not shown in the above picture.  The eyeshadow choosen was intended to create this dark circles and puffy eyes effect which I hope was seen that way to the judges, and wearing just very light lipstick balancing the makeup.  My Styling Card below.


Head dress: Lady Who Lunch Couture Bathing Cap

Shirt & Scarf: Bare Rose QuizeMaster Lady Blue/Pink Set

Jacket: [LeL.Ultra]-PRISON jacket

Pants: [celoe.lolong.trousers.charade

Rings: LaGyo_Popillia ring red heart

Shoes: N-core COQUETTE “Black”

Eyeshadow:  Cheap Makeup-Eye Smoke

Eyelashes: Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Star



The second styling we did was for a faceshot which we will later see on the Colour of Couture (CoC website and all it’s communication channels.  This faceshot will be used by the Organizer throughout the competition.

The instruction for this styling was to keep our look soft but fierce.  Easy yet not so easy to achieve in my opinion.

Though this is just a faceshot, I did an overall styling to complete the look.  I like to thank NyuNyu Kimono in sponsoring me her clothing in this competition.  I truly appreciate her kindness and supports.  It helps alot to know there are many whom believe in me and would like to see me succeed and I promise I will do my best.

I have choosen to wear a long and wavy hair for the headshot and to keep my look soft and clean, I wore a white dress and paired it with a simple pearl necklace.  This time I let my lip speaks a little more so I wore a red lipstick and a different eyebrow.  No smiling face in this case.  I hope my look has came across as soft but fierce.

Styling for faceshot - Soft but fierce


Hair: 69 Jessica 02 Dark Mocha

Dress: NYU Debut Michelle Dress – Nude

Necklace: *League* Double Stranded Soft Pearl Necklace (tinted)

Bracelet: Donna Flora Princess set (tinted)

Eyeshadow: *elymode* makeup – smoke frost – 1

Eye lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur



Each finalist was assigned a different clothing sponsor by PRISM and we have to style around the assigned piece for a photoshoot.  The photos will be made into advertisement for promo of the CoC.  It is free styling in this case so it is up our own interpretations.

The piece that was assigned to me was a beautiful one piece mesh dress called Prism Crystal Mesh Dress – Solar Flare.  As the name suggested, this dress has a very vibrant brown/orange base and prints with yellow and pink stripes at the bottom of the dress.  I accessorized around the dress keeping in mind that the styling should present the dress in the best possible way and not over shadowing it.  That’s what modeling is about anyway.   With that in mind, I took colours from the dress and this is the result.

Styling for PRISM Crystal Mesh Dress - Solar Flare


Hair: booN TUN247 hair brown

Sunglass: Maitreya Mesh Jackie O Sunglasses

Collar and shoulder accessory: .SHI Paper (tinted)

Dress: Prism Crystal Mesh Dress Size 3 – Solar Flare


Bag: Tee*fy Street Parker Shoulder Bag Illustration (reattach and adjusted as hand held bag)

Boots: Maitreya Mesh * Devi Booties XS Redwood

Gloves: LaGyo_Zarema gloves Cornsilk

Lipstick: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure -Faded Lipstick Brick



This is for our second week styling challenge.  It will be a photo challenge on flickr as the objective is to see how we look and present the style on print.  As the photographer needs time to complete the photos and have them ready by April 13 on CoC’s flickr, so the judges could do their scoring by next Saturday, April 14, we had to complete our styling and photoshoot this week.  Check out our first photo challenge here from April 13 and onwards.  My style Card will be available thereafter.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more as I share about Southeast Asia and introduce some RL beauty from the Southeast Asia to you. 🙂

To get to know more about me and the CoC Competition, visit the CoC website here!

Happy Easter and have a great week ahead everyone!

Asymetrique Casting

So I promised to show you my final submission for the ASMT Casting and here you go…

The style is inspired by one of Valentino’s  Spring Haute Couture 2012’s collections and I basically took parts of different clothing to create this ensemble.  The look may seems simple but the styling process, including retexturing, readjusting and editing prims, was definitely not.  Having said that, I had a lot of fun working on the styling for this casting.  I have came to learn so many new brands and tried on so many interesting poses throughout the process and I have to say the experience was just really rewarding; so is the outcome of the casting. 😉

I picked this look because I love how simple yet soft and delicate this style is.  The use of ruffles neck, sheer sleeves and swishing skirt is the theme for the daytime Valentino Haute Couture look  for this season.  With the lace gloves and antique flora prints, they add some antique touch to the overall style.  The style is so simple that no accessory nor any updo was used BUT I can’t help to add a tint of colors to the look by taking the flowers from one of my pumps and made them as part of my ring too.

Here is the picture of my inspired look. 🙂  I couldn’t find a prim skirt that has this exact swishing look and the closest I have found did not work on a runway because of technical limitations.  Mesh skirt was suppose to be my answer but to my surprise I couldn’t find a pure white mesh skirt (or pencil skirt) in SL todate.  Hence, I opted for a sculpt skirt that is flarer so when I walk and pose, the skirt doesn’t cut through my avi.

I had some helps from Cao and Falbala on my runway walks and poses and I would like to thank them for their time and supports.  I truly appreciate it ladies and I appreciate your answer to my very last minute callings.  You have probably heard but I just want to let you know personally that I’ve got in! <333

I also like to thank Leah for her feedback and her always willingness to guide and coach, to help me become a better model.  Big hugss.


Hair: 69 Nicole 2 Dark Mocha

Hairbase: booN chestnut

Ruffles Neck part: From Shiki Motomachi Girl Dress – autumn blues (edited)

First shirt and underpant layers: From Vero Modero Tulle Lace (Blue)

Second shirt & underpant layers: Armidi Hoja Top white

Sleeves Top & middle prims: From Jane Francie Blouse milk (edited)

Sleeves lower prims: From Purplemoon Tess Shirt silver (edited)

Chest prim: From Jane Francie so innocent blouse milk (edited)

Belt: From Elan’s Classic short vintage Christmas belt – edited

Skirt: Jane Fawn Skirt (retextured & edited)

Shoes: Donna Flora Baroque Rose Shoes

Gloves: CKD Chantilly Lace Gloves White

Eyeshadows: Elymode makeups bold coal & red 1

Eyelashes: Lelutka 2011 lashes/natur

Nails: Mandala Female Nails/medium

Ring (edited): Band is from The Sea Hole & flowers from the DF Baroque Rose shoes

Pose: SEmotion – modelka314

Who Am I Today?

I have been thinking about the name for this post for the entire day.  These stylings are not new.  They are stylings that I did for the AMST Casting.  Well, altermative stylings.  The theme for the casting was “Spring Haute Couture” and I wanted to use the vibrant cobalt and/or orange because among some of the nice pop colors for this Spring, I find these two really unique.  The ideas of these stylings are to use colors so I have kept accessories to the minimum.

Having said that, I settled for a style that was inspired by Valentino, that’s very different from these two I am sharing here, and I promised I will show you my final styling in the next post.

It’s International Woman’s Day today.  The day to honour , celebrate and show appreciations on our achievements and contributions to the society, and at the domestic level, to the family.  It is a day that I truly appreciate because it is a recognition of the multiple hats we, women, have to wear everyday, and with each hat comes with different responsibilitie.  It is definitely not easy juggling with all these roles and do well.  Sometimes, I feel I need to have split personality juggling with those hats.

When I looked at these two styling pictures, they seems to express what I wanted to say….who am I today?

Just really minor editing to both photos.


Look 1

Hat: Baoba Velvet Purple Cap (edited)

Hair: MADesigns Hair BO Red VI

Jacket: .SHI Plastik (edited)

Blouse: Leverocci Tied Satin Blouse – Cobalt (Mesh)

Belt: Gizza Alaris Dress Blue (Jacket Layer)

Pants: Celoe Nicola Trousers Emberglow (Mesh)

Shoes: Kookie Ladies Power Lunch Royal Blue – past TDR item

Eyeshadow: elymode makeup – A Little Drama – yellow / blue

Pose: Miamai Model Pose Renaissance Set_04

Look 2

Hair: 69 Nicole 2 Dark Mocha

Blouse & Scarf: Vero Modero Tullu Lace Top Blue (Shirt layer)

Sleeve prims: from Purplemoon Tess Shirt Silver (edited)

Dress: Rebel Hope Fabria Halter Gown Blue (Mesh)

Eyeshadow: Leverrocci Makeup Shield Eyeshadow Sapphire

Ring: from Sea Hole & flowers taken from the Donna Flora Dana Baraque Shoes

Pose: Miamai Model Pose Savage Beauty 07

Wild Cocktail

I am wearing the -Elan- Wild Cocktail Dress today.   The cocktail dress comes with a black blouse that has a sexy opening in front with Alatiel’s’ signature ruffles design.  The skirt part of the dress is a knee lenght white pencil skirt with mermaid’s tail like end.

This is overall a presentable outfit that you could wear to any afternoon tea or cocktail party. 

I pair this outfit with a belt and adding some color to the ensemble using a flower hat.  You can go for an even more elaborate hat or hair accessory with an updo as this outfit is capable to carry it through.

Have fun styling wild in this -Elan- cocktail dress and don’t forget it is fifty5 Thursday today and Elan has some good deal in store for you!  Check my earlier post for landmark to the -Elan-‘s store.

Thank god weekend is just a day away!!

The credit of this ensemble goes to….

Hair: [69] Aggy Mocha

Dress: -Elan- Wild Cocktail

Hat: Vita’s Boudoir Romantic hat flowers

Belt: Lelutka Tory Belt – White

Shoes: Enkything Talyna – Black

Earrings & Ring: Chop Zuey Couture Black Night (Runway hunt items)