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Bandanna Day – July 28th

July 28, last day of this year’s Hair Fair, has also been dedicated to the Bandanna Day – the day we remove our hair and wear the bandannas we bought at the Hair Fair, to show our care and support to the Wigs for Kids.  To find out more about this special day, you can check out the Hair Fair website here!

bandanna book 2048

Each Bandanna is only L$50, selling exclusively at the Hair Fair.  All proceeds from the Bandanna’s sales will be donated to the Wigs for Kids.  Lost your hair today and put on a Bandanna if you have the heart to support this meaningful event. ❤


Bandanna: Bandana – Book Worm Purple  – Flair

Glasses: {mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black

Shirt:- tb- Cropped Tee – Pattern

Bandanna Day – July 29th

Each year people from all over Second Life, help raise money for Wigs for Kids by creating bandanas to be sold at the Hair Fair for Bandana Day – Bandana Day is always the last day of Hair Fair, where people remove their hair to show they care and wear the bandanas they have purchased during the event.

This is my first year participating in making the bandannas and I’m glad to be able to contribute to such a good cause.  Here are some of the bandanna designs I have made.  They are available for sales at L50 each in the Bandanna Day room on every sim.

Belle Esprit means beautiful mind in French and I feel it is more important to have a beautiful mind than a beautiful appearance.  I hope we could all instill this message to the kids that needed more care because they didn’t have many choices on their appearance in their life, but choosing to be kind and positive, as beautiful mind, is always an option they have.   The feathers on the bandanna signifies freedom, freedom of how we feel and freedom of our choice of thoughts.

Tu Es Belle means “You’re Beautiful” in French.  I hope every kid that needed care and attention know they are unique and beautiful in their own ways.  The bubbles on the bandanna signifies refreshing, as they could still bring refreshing meanings to someone in this world.

There are many beautiful designed bandannas made by hair creators or individual like me, all priced at L50 only!  If you have missed them in the Bandanna Day room at the Hair Fair, go check them out and get yourself a bandanna before July 29, to support the Bandanna Day!