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Chop Zuey Girls

What started of as a challenging Sunday afternoon, the Chop Zuey Girl Summer 2012 final ended on a high note.  Twelve finalists were choosen to present themselves on the runway on July 29th.  Three were made runner ups and one crowned the Chop Zuey Girl Summer 2012.  The judging tasks weren’t easy because every finalist has put her best efforts forward in styling using Chop Zuey jewelries.  All twelves finalists are unique in their own ways and truly deserved to be on the runway.  Four of them, however, have managed to present themselves in the best essence of Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry.

Here’s my heartfelt congratulation to the following girls:

Chop Zuey Girl Summer 2012 –  SELINA GRAYCLOUD

First Runner Up – Portia Pexington

Second Runner Up – Dana Yotov

Third Runner Up – Yashi Audion

People’s Choice Award – Yashi Audion

A friend asked if I feel sad on stepping down as the Chop Zuey Girl.  I’m actually happy and excited that a new girl would now have that opportunity to hold such a distinct title and most importantly having the priviledge to work with Belle and her creations, because that will truly be a great and valuable experience.

When I became the Chop Zuey Girl Fall last year, I just returned to SL and got back into modeling.  I didn’t have any academic qualification nor any runway experience.  Although winning the Chop Zuey Girl title at an early stage of my modeling career helped but the real rewards were having the opportunity to work with Belle.  Many Chop Zuey customers know Belle as a generous and talented creator but apart from that Belle is also a kind and honest person.  Belle has been very encouraging and supportive throughout my modeling journey since we met.  From my MVW Class 105 to Colour of Couture Competition, Belle has always been there for me.  She is also very appreciative of the works and contribution of her team.  It is these attributes that inspired me and many others to want to work and stay with Chop Zuey, so today I may have stepped down as the Chop Zuey Girl but Chop Zuey will always have a place in my heart, and two of my group spaces. 😛

Here are what I wore on the day of the CZ Girl Summer final.  The crown reminds me of the day I was crowned and the honour I have with Chop Zuey and I am glad that another girl now share the same excitement and experience.

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

Once again, congratulations to Selina and the runner ups and I wish all of you a wonderful and rewarding reign with Chop Zuey. <33


Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * PARIS – 3*/darkbrown

Crown & Necklace: Chop Zuey Imperial Malagasy Aurora Crown Blk & Imperial Malagasy Aurora Blk Necklace (my winning awards from Chop Zuey Girl Fall 2011)

Ring: Chop Zuey LW Voices of Earth Ring Blk Diam

Gown: Fellini Couture- Tentation W&B (Hope for Emilia item)

Inner Top layer: *Bliss Couture* Baila Bodice

Shoes: Azoury Talon (passed Summer fair)

Poses 1:  Izzie

Pose 2: oOo


I would like to share my last three stylings for the CoC finale in this post, which will mark the end of the CoC competition for 2012.  Our last three challenges were extremely demanding because on top of the themes we were given, every finalist was also given a “brand” to style along.  A brand in this case means an image that we have to keep in mind in our styling for the given theme.  My brand was “bizzare”.

The styling we were asked to do on Saturday’s runway challenge together with an interview was “Futuristic Prints”.   For this theme, I styled with outfits from SyS, Bare Rose and Gasqhe and accessories from Finesmith and SyS.  For my “bizzare” brand I had a doll head behind of me, hence when I turned it looked like a second head.  Check my style card below.

I have expected to see similar outfits from other finalists in this challenge because there aren’t many designers that are specialize in making cyber / futuristic clothing so I have to make the outfits like my own by customizing them.  I removed the lace layers from the SyS skirt because they looked too girlie for this theme and I tinted the lights on the skirt to purple and green matching them with my Gasqhe outfit.  I did the same tinting with my SyS earrings.  For my Bare Rose outfit, I retextured the collar and cuffs too and now it is an unique piece that is completely own my me!

Style Card

Hair: UrbantLutz

Eye lashes: blackLiquid (retextured)

Earrings: SyS (tinted and readjusted)

Sleeves, raised collar, inner skirt & second top layer: Gasqhe

Second collar, first top layer, pants & cuffs : Bare Rose (retextured)

Third top layer and bra set: Bare Rose

Outer skirt layer: SyS (edited and retextured)

Shoes & Ring: Finesmith

Makeup: White Widow & a.e.meth & MDL

Poses: LAP & Izzie


And in our finale, we had two styling challenges, Colour Blocking & Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2012.

I love colour blocking and I have done one in one of my posts earlier.  This time I used a big hair, elaborate glasses and a zipped lip to speak about bizzare.  I tied my accessories to the colour blocking theme too.  This is my most favourite style among all I did in the competition.

Style Card

Hair: Emo-tion (tinted)

Glasses & lips, Cuffs and Tights: Ladies Who Lunch.  Glasses tinted.

Harness: .SHI (tinted)

Inner Top: GField

Dress: Hucci

Boots: Cheerno

Rings: Shade Throne

Makeup: Shake up

Poses: Del May, Maitreya & Amacci


On the contrary, the Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2012’s styling was the hardest for me because the theme is very specific.  Diane’s resort 2012 design are rather simple and relaxed and using of many neutral colours such as white, black and grey.  Though they are beautiful, it’s definitely not easy to make my styling unique, and bizzare.   So I have decided to use simple clothing and colours and use accessories to play up my bizzare brand.  I also added a moving butterfly on my back just to emphazise my brand and also my intention to add a surprise for the judges when I do my back pose.

I am grateful to have two sponsors in this styling.  Belle from Chop Zuey has again kindly sponsored me the Butterfly – Hare Chrysalis head dress and Julia Merosi from Je Suis has sent me her latest exclusive release at the culture shock the Coquet MESH BAG.  A million thank you to Belle and Julia.  Thank you for your supports and believing in me.

Style Card

Head Dress: Chop Zuey

Hair: Exile

Butterflies on face & shoes: “Nostal;Dir”

Butterflies on shirt: Cheerno

Butterfly on back: Vita’s Boudoir

Inner Top 1: LG

Outer Top 2: Indyra

Outer Top 3: Aoharu

Belt: The Secret Store

Pants: Celoe

Clutch: Je Suis (exclusive at Culture Shock)

Shoes: Anthor

Makeup: elymode

Gloves & prim hands: TENS

Pose: Diesel Works & The Muse



So some of you might wonder how the finale went.  I came in 5th place as the 4th runner up among 16 finalists.  It is not the results I am most happy with and for those who were at the finale and/or have followed us in the entire competition saw how I have performed and competed.  I have worked hard and gave my 101%.  Not doubt, the rest of the finalists too and I respect every one of their participations and styles.  All the finalists were great, friendly and fun to be with.

As for myself, I am proud of what I have accomplished in this competition that I outdid myself in every challenge and in every aspect.  I have managed to remain consistent and focused throughout the whole 5 weeks and I shown the world what I am capable off.  Nothing speak louder and clearer than that despite what the results say.

Again, I want to thank those that have supported me throughout this entire time.  My mentor and dear friend Leah McCullough that has been there for me for every ups and downs.  Thank you so so much Leah, and Debbie Jasper that went into the competition with me and we have grew so much closer in this competition, thanks for keeping me on the course and keeping me calm Deb! And all my sponsors i.e. Chop Zuey, NYU and Je Suis.  Also Nice, Sessie, Ashia, Bea, thank you for your encouragements and the vote of confident.

Last but not least those who have made an effort and a point to drop me a note or IMs to tell me you liked my styling and more.

You are all winners in my heart.  I Love You all!!  <333

I am definitely ready for bigger challenges that will come my way, so watch this space!

Colour of Couture – Week 4

Time flies.  We have completed our week 4 of activities and challenge today.  This week is a flickr challenge for a theme called “Daring Buds”.  The idea was taken from one of this Spring/Summer trend called Darling Buds.   The Organizer, however, has called it “daring” instead of darling because they wanted to see firece in our styling and presentation, and there is a twist to this challenge.

Apart from styling for the photoshoot, we were required to identify a location in SL and use our own poses for the photoshoot.  It was an additional challenge to my opinion because the location and environment setting must be able to compliment our ensemble.  Definitely not an easy task.

Having said that, everyone managed to pull it off nicely with some really beautiful pictures taken.   Feel free to check them out on the CoC’s flickr page.  Our photographer is Audrey Cresci and below is the photo she has taken for me.

Photo by Audrey Cresci

Our clues for this week are printed perennials as well as beaded blossoms;  flowery stickers beneath a sheer organza fabrics;  mix match flower prints;  how about brightly coloured blooms and/or monochrome florals.

I spent a lot of time working on this styling because there are too many beautiful flora clothing out there so it took me awhile to decide the colour tones and if I would like to just mix and match the flower prints or mix and match the printed and prim flowers.  I have decided to go with the later.  This time I am using a softer colour tone as my base and I went a little outrageous with my styling, hence the used of a cape and retextured the front part of my hair to green and pink….and then I put on my wonder woman pose as my friend, Tere, called it. 😀  This is our 4th styling challenge and it’s getting harder and harder to be unique, while remaining consistent in the approaches. I have decided to go a little wilder, setting the tone for our final. 🙂

The location I have choosen is on the The Island of Armenelos.  Instead of using garden and flowers, I found this beautiful trellis on top of a hill overseeing a breathtaking mountains.  Below is a foggy version of the snapshot I took. Photo unedited.

Click picture for larger view

Another exciting event that has taken place this week was an opportunity for all the CoC finalists to be on the PULSE TV network.  Recorded video will be available on a later date.

Our gowns presented on the show were sponsored by Reign Congrejo, Creator and Designer of EVOLVE.  All the finalists were given a chance to express what they think about the CoC competition as well as how this competition has changed them.  It was a great opportunity for everyone to get to know more about each finalist, and a great exposure and experience to us.

Click picture for larger view

The beautiful gown I received from Reign is called EVOLVE BELGIS.  It is an elegant purple gown with ruffles sleeves and detailed textures.  I especially loved those textures on the skirt that lined up so well and the result is the gown looking just like a graceful stalk of flower.  My jewelry is sponsored by Belle Roussel from Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry.  Belle has been a great supporter of my works and always a very talented, down to earth and kind designer in SL.  Those who know Belle and the brand Chop Zuey would definitely agreed on that and I truly appreciate her sponsors in this case.

The exquisite set of jewelry I am wearing in the picture is the Oubliette Abalone & White Cabochon, which is one of the latest releases at Chop Zuey.  Do check out my style card below for details.

One more week to our final on May 6 (Sunday), 10am.  Remember to come support and watch us live at the Patch Thibaud Auditorium! Til then, I am back to styling….


Style Card for Daring Buds

Hair: Baiastice-Invasion hair (retextured by me)

Choker: Chop Zuey Impossible Dream Hummingbird Choker

Top: The Secret Store Boheme – Wild Flowers

Belt: *Fishy Strawberry* Geisha Leather Belt – Pink

Skirt: Champagne (C)FRILLY Blush

Cape: LaGyo_Pervenche silk cape rosee

Shoes: [LWL] Zoology Pumps (Lotus)

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ARMENELOS/32/216/37

Style Card  for EVOLVE BELGIS

Hair: booN YNO421 hair brown


Jewelry: Oubliette Abalone & White Cabochon set (I wore the bracelet as a little crown)

Gloves: from Bare Rose Veld set

The Snake Pit

Chop Zuey releases this limited edition exotic and fiesty Snake Pit set today!  The designs of this set is made with characteristics just like a snake, carefully plotted and defined.

Also together with this set, Belle Roussel, designer and owner of Chop Zuey has also released another limited edition set called Enfleurage La Belle Bijoux that you wouldn’t want to miss either.

Click image for larger view

Click image for larger view

Click images for larger view

The Snake Pit set is so outstanding that it does alot of the styling works for you.  What a great bonus eh?

Here’s your taxi to grab these fabulous items, and while you are there, remember to pick up the cute smiley group gifts too!


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Reptilia Hair – Chocolate

Collar, Bracelets & Earrings: Chop Zuey – The Snake Pit Set

Bodysuit: – Nemesis – Friendship bodysuit white (BTB item)

Pants: .S H I : Wrap Shorts_Python

Legging: Maitreya MCEHT Leggings (Epoch item)

Makeup: [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] North Pole v1

Ad for Chop Zuey Couture

These print ads are made for Chop Zuey Couture by October Studios and will be published in the October Magazine soon.  Publication date to be determined.

There were three themes to the photo shoot, depicting the versatility of Chop Zuey’s jewelry and the multiple facet the jewelry is able to offer on styling.

Happy previewing. 🙂

“Glamorous Couture” 

I was wearing two of the same necklace in the photo, one re-adjusted to sit right underneath the first one and it instantly elevated the overall look.  The ring was attached to my index finger adding a more trendy and edgy feel to the look too.


The Mother of all – Turtle set may look a little bulky on the vendor and I was skeptical to put on all the pieces but they look so appropriate and lively in this picture and I love them as much as the rest of the themes.

I can’t wait for the last theme photos, styled by Ava Jhamin and October Bettencourt, which will be available on a later date.

A million thank you to Belle Roussel, October Bettencourt and Ava Jhamin on their helps, making me look so gorgeous in these print ads.  <333


Photographer: October Bettencourt (October Studios)

Picture 1 (Glamorous Couture)

Model & Stylist:  Ai Hienrichs

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey Couture Visions of Sugarplums

Gown: Fellini Couture Crescendo

Hair: Vanity Hair Stradivarius HP-Nova Brown

Stocking:  HAYZURIZA Black

Nails: Mandala female medium

Picture 2 (Tropical)

Model & Stylist:  Ai Hienrichs

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey Couture Mother of All – Turtles

Outfit: Purplemoon Guarana Bikini – Blue

Hair: Vanity Hair Minerva HP-Nova Brown

Nails: Mandala female (medium)