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Blackliquid Yeriak

Here is another Haute piece for the Avenue A/W Fashion Week. The Blackliquid Yeriak, a versatile Haute piece, can be worn in many combination and ways.

I matched mine with the Daleth Wrap Top from .SHI.   What’s your way?

blackliquid 2048

You can find the Blackliquid Yeriak outfit at the Avenue Retail Gallery. The rest of the LMs here!


Hair: Zibska Pero ~ Black
Skin: Clef de Peau:Saskia::Base Milk
Makeup:*LpD* MakeUp – *Monia* Complete (Cosmetic Fair Fall Edition)
Wrap Top: .Shi : Daleth {Black}
Mask & Outfit: blackLiquid OUTFIT – YERIAK (Avenue A/W Fashion Week)
Gloves: Miss Tre`s Gloves  /black by LeeZu!
Pose: Del May
Location: Avenue Retail Gallery

Beautiful Faces of Southeast Asia (SEA) in SL

Earlier on, I wrote a page about my participation in the Colour of Couture Top Model competition and I promised to show you some SL faces from the SEA region.  I hooked up with some SL Top models that came from the region and are presenting their avatars as either Asian or Southeast Asian in SL.   Some of these are my dear friends in SL and some are whom I reached out for this post.  As I get to know each of their profile better, I feel really proud for them and for what they have achieved and setforth in SL.

Without further ado, I give you the beautiful faces of Southeast Asia!  Pictures and profiles are provided by the respective models.

By alphabetical order…..

Ashia Denimore

Ashia Denimore

From Ashia: “I am the CEO and Founder of PiXel ICON Studios, PiXel Icon School of Photography, PXLi Magazine and LuvStruck Wedding Photography. Currently modelling for Vogue Fashion and Vero Modero, also working as official photographer for Vero Modero. My blogs sites are Second Life Fashion Blogger (http://www.secondlifefashion.org/) and Pixel ICON Inc.(http://www.pixeliconinc.com/apps/blog/) also as a photographer you can see my works at http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashia_denimore/. My roots are from Philippines.”

Amita Yorcliffe

Amita Yorcliffe

From Amita: “I started the real runway experience in February 2011 and until today I have experienced more than 40 runway shows. I am currently represented by several agencies such as Avenue Models, Kabuki Boutique, Ministry of Fashion, Opium, BLVD, IMA, Glance and other active organizations. As for the print modeling experiences, I have done several editorials and vendor pictures for many known designers and magazines.”

blackLiquid Tokyoska

blackliquid Tokyoska

From blackLiquid: “Hello! I am blackLiquid Tokyoska and have been modeling in sl since July 2009.  I was the first model to be really influencial with a specificly asian look its been said that I am single handedly responsible for the “asian invasion” lol as it’s been termed, into the world of SL modeling.  My biggest achivement to date was becomming a Modavia Supermodel in Spring 2010.  Since 2009, I have had the pleasure and good fortune to work for every top agency on the grid, I have particpated in over 200 catwalk shows, appeared in countless magazines & on the cover, print articles, vendor ads, style collums and muse to many of SL’s top fashion brands.  I was the first model to represent Thailand in 2011 for Miss Virtual World. I am very proud that I paved the way for Asian models in SL and inspired many designers to create lovely skin to enhance our beautiful ethnicity.  I am originated from Australia.”

Dana Yotov 

Dana Yotov

From Dana: “Dana Yotov is an SL model, photographer and writer. She’s modeled for some of the grid’s most sought after brands including Vogue Fashion, Bliss Couture, and Champagne Sparkling Fashion. She was a finalist for Miss Xanadu 2012 and has also recently been selected as a model for fashion forward brand, House of Rage. Dana keeps a style journal at www.slfashionjournal.com and manages a model team blog at www.secondlifefashion.org. Being Filipino-Chinese in real life, Dana chose a Second Life look that proudly represents her Asian heritage. The Philippines, where she stays at the moment, is a melting pot of many cultures. This kind of exposure has allowed her to see fashion in many facets, and gives her a wealth of inspiration for her work in Second Life.”

Debbie Jasper 

Debbie Jasper

From Debbie: “I started my first modelling training with Classic with Style in June last year. After which it is a never turning back road for me. The journey is not easy but it is very exciting. I have since then graduated from Lush Model Academy and Costa Rico Sands Modelling Academy and am now currently enrolled in Miss Virtual World Academy.   Apart from some of the fashion shows that I have attended, I was also involved in the Model Workshop Spring Break Spring Forward Show as the Runway Director Assistant and in their Manhattan Show as the Hostess. I was the winner for the Model Workshop March Style Challenge and 2nd in their February Challenge.  I was the model of the year 2012 in the Dallas Modelling Corporation Model of the year Contest. I too have achieved 4th runner up and Ms Sexy Talent and Creative in CWS’s SL Too Sexy Model Pageant last year.  Currently I am one of the finalists in the Colour of Couture Top Model Competition and working as a live model in EVOLVE.  Debbie is from Singapore.”

Joy Laperriere

Joy Laperriere

From Joy: “Joy Cheok is a freelance 3d modeler, virtual fashion designer, photographer and illustrator based in Singapore. Known as Joy Laperriere for her persona in a three-dimensional online virtual world – Second Life. Still considering herself as an amateur, she has had the opportunity to work with real world brands and companies on interactive campaigns in Second Life and is currently producing illustrations and art with a virtual publication – Modavia Fashion Marketing.  Joy is also a virtual fashion designer for her own brand – . S h i which means “Rock’ in mandarin. With fiery passion, she is working to bring her virtual designs out in the real world.  Joy is also an exclusive Supermodel for Modavia in SL. Find out more about Joy’s work here: www.flickr.com/photos/joylaperriere/ and Issuu: issuu.com/joycheok

Natasja Schumann

Natasja Schumann

From Natasja: “I’m a quiet, relaxed girl of 27 from Singapore, where I was born and have lived all my life. I love hanging out with people, and I’m always eager to make new friends. I hate drama, and I will do my best to stay away from it. I prefer instread to meet new and interesting people. I’m reliable, faithful and I nevertake my friends for granted. Treat others the way you yourself want to be treat, is how I live my life.  I joined Second Life in June 2007, and quickly discovered the Second Life Fashion Industry, which instantly caught my attention. Since then, I’ve worked for a large number of agencies both as a model and a runway mentor, always seeking to expand my repertoire and experience of this wonderful business. I’ve always been open to try new things in Second Life Fashion; I’ve been in the Miss Virtual World contest as Miss Singapore 2010, nominated for BOSL Top Model 2011, second runner up of the Fellini Couture’s Muse 2010, second runner up for Miss Azul 2011, Top 10 for My Precious Queen Contest 2010, and Top 10 for Miss Bliss Couture 2011 are some of the achievement that I’ve got recently.  In my free time in Second Life, I tend to always have a lot of things on my hands. I love shopping and hanging out with friends, and I love expanding my inventory with new stores and designers. I’m an omnivore when it comes to styles and fashion, and I always try to find new styles that suit me. This is important for me when I photograph and blog Second Life fashion, and I’ve also worked as a photographer for Avenue Magazine, a job I am very happy to have as it allows me to work with a lot of fantastic people. Finally, I work as a store model for Leezu. I always have a lot of projects and appointments going on, and my life can be very hectic at times, but that’s is just part of the fun. Sometimes I might bite over more than I can chew, but that is simply because I love Second Life so much! I’m currently representing: GLANCE International Agency AVENUE Models Modavia MAD Agency Agata Models Agency IMA Inc BeStyle District Agency 5th Avenue Modeling Agency Bliss Couture Supermodel Dream Seeker Productions IW Models My Precious Model Group.”

Follow these models on their blog and flickr for their works and discover how much they have to offer the SL fashion industry.  I just have to say, I am so proud to be a SEA model!

Last but not least, thank you very much ladies for participating in my post.  <333 Ai