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Guilty Confessions

It’s Meme time again! Today Meme is going to share some guilty confessions – SL Guilty Confessions, so I thought I should style edgy (and not-so-me) so I could hide behind¬†the mask while confessing. ūüėÄ

If you don’t know who is Meme, check out Strawberry’s blog for the details. This is my 5th Meme post and you can read the rest of my posts here!

handverk + chiczafari + lace 1024

Meme instructions: Share 1 to 10 of your top second life guilty confessions.

1. I am a multi tasker in RL but I find it hard to do that in SL. Reason being I find the screen,¬†folders, notecards¬†switching very irritating and I usually stop whatever I am doing if I have to chat with someone.¬† I have a friend in SL¬†that can do like 10 things the same time and¬†still chat with me like she hasn’t left the box for a second and I really wish I could do the same so that¬†I am able to¬†achieve more with my limited inworld time.¬† Unfortunately, multi tasking in SL is just not my forte.

2. I am a gacha addict.¬† I don’t like gacha in RL and never played any¬†but I have trouble stop playing gacha in SL.¬† >.<

3. As much as I love to have a¬†job in SL, I¬†don’t commit to one now¬†because of the many poor paymasters I have came across here.¬† I understand SL has its’ own currency and values of things and it is hard to compare to RL money but to deliver a job or services in SL we are still using RL time, so when I look at the pay per real time hour and the demands¬†from the employer plus the delay in payment or “pretend to forget to pay situations” in SL,¬†it turned¬†me off.¬† We are not only¬†investing RL time to perform a¬†task in SL but also the opportunity cost of RL to¬†be¬†here by request.¬† So employers in SL, all you can do is to live up to your side of the bargain to pay on time and pay¬†what you have promised because what you have got from your staffs are really worth more than what they have delivered; and if you have found good quality¬†staffs you need to work extra¬†harder than RL to retain them!

4. I guess all of us do silent boycotting to some extend.  I hate poor customer service and I have walked away from some brands because of that.  I also stop shopping from the stores where the designer or the store customer rep ignore my request for supports.  Some designers in SL indulged in the SLebrity status so much that they are treating their customers like their fans, and they forgot these are the group of people that pay for their creations.  I tend to stay away from these designers no matter how good their creations are.  I will not encourage those behaviours.

5. Super pale skin – I can understand the super pale skin are useful for styling and roleplay but they look very unnatural and unhealthy to wear on daily basis.

6. I dislike people that are not kind and not courteous.¬† Some people¬†tends to¬†pop in without saying hi and just request for things and once they got what they want “poof!” they left without a thank you.¬† Perhaps they feel there are no real facial contact in SL¬†and they don’t need to be courteous.¬†¬†I have silently decided I will no longer entertain people like that in SL.

I’m sure I have more guilty confessions but these¬†six are enough to gather some friends or haters so I will stop here for now. ūüôā

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Hair: Elysium – Torre hair (mesh) – dark brown

Eyeshadows 1: elymode: makeup – confetti-ish bold – blue

Eyeshadows 2: [ a.e.meth ] – Egyptian Glam II (Dark Blue)

Eyesliner: Inside Lab. Drama QueenLiner

Bodysuit: [ChicZafari] – Bodysuit Safari (Black)

Shoulder part: [HANDverk]Scale Pauldron.gold.

Necklace: Zibska Gwen ~ Necklace (L’accessoires item)

Gloves: From Bare Rose Night Corset Black set

Stockings: From Bare Rose decadence ME set

Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Stay cool model blue croco


It’s a skin blogging day today.¬† This is my second post for¬†another skin¬†brand that also¬†has a very unique name –¬†7 Deadly Skins (7DS).¬† 7DS,¬†created by Izara Zuta, sells skins that range from basic skins to highly detailed skins for , curvy and realistic shapes, make-ups for each skin, as well as Tango/Lola appliers for each skin.

Each 7DS skin has 12 bodytypes the diffrence is in the details, the options, and the boobs and cach bodytype comes in 4 skin tones; a light one , a medium one, a darker one and a fantasy one.

I’ve picked the Vero Modero Exclusive¬†skin by 7DS for my post today.¬† I like the¬†skin tone.¬† It’s natural and healthy¬†and¬†very appropriate for the coming summer. ūüôā

7ds + chiczafari 1024

Also, for my styling, I am using a short and chic hair from Vanity and the Anna shade from Chic Zafari.

Visit the 7DS store and check out the rest of its’ skins today!


Hair: Vanity Hair:Bitter Sweet-Soil

Shade: [ChicZafari] – Anna Shades Basic Mandarin


Eyes:IKON Eternal Eyes – Earth

Eyelashes: Lelutka

Nails: female[MANDALA]medium

Shirt: NONKO Mesh *sweater* romankan


Oscar is a light and classy gown by Vero Modero that is perfect for that red carpet event in Spring.  This gown will emphasizes your status as a star yet not overshadowing your beauty and charisma.

I paired my Oscar gown with the Beth Necklace by Pure Poison and also the Mystery of Owl Rings by Chop Zuey Couture.  I looked like I have put these styling together with very little efforts because all the items go perfectly together.

Decided to loose the clutch and go a little defiant, I¬†am wearing¬†my Chic Zafari Crescent claw-like nails.¬† ¬†Always wanted to look the best, the Star always pays attention to all the little details, including her claws.¬† I mean nails.¬†ūüėČ

Oscar 2630

Get your camera because I’m all ready to pose! ‚̧

LMs here!


Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * DEIDRE */darkbrown

Necklace: Pure Poison (PP) РRed Beth Necklace РChest

Ring: Chop Zuey The Mystery of Owls Ring

Nails: [ChicZafari] – Crescent Black&Red Claw

Gown: [VM] VERO MODERO / Oscar Gown

Eyeshadow: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure – Temptress Eye Shadows

Lipstick: Essences – Lipstick 04 glossy (dark skintones)

Pose: Diesel Works Beth Poses (Pose Fair 2013 item)

Stars: Zigana Stars White