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I have to admit I haven’t been on top of releases at Chop Zuey recently.  It’s really my fault as I have been on a casual and relaxed mode until Belle dropped me this gown that I am so impressed I have to showcase it.

The Emerald gown is not just a gown but a jewelled gown that comes with amazing and striking accessories and jewelry such as the headset, gloves, earrings, bracelet and an exquisite jewel corset.  I also like the texture on the gown.  It has a natural glow and shimmery feeling to it.

Emerald Gown 2622

The Emerald Gown is available at the Hollywood event that runs until April 14.   That’s just one day left but no sweat, I have your limo ready here to grab this fabulous piece. 🙂


Gown set:  Chop Zuey The Emerald Gown (event. The Hollywood)

Hair: !*Bliss Hair*! Calypso Hair – Chianti

Eyeshadow: *elymode* makeup – basic shadow – smoke

Lipstick: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure – Faded Lipstick Bright Red

Pose: Exposeur (Pose Fair 2013)

Ad for Chop Zuey Couture

These print ads are made for Chop Zuey Couture by October Studios and will be published in the October Magazine soon.  Publication date to be determined.

There were three themes to the photo shoot, depicting the versatility of Chop Zuey’s jewelry and the multiple facet the jewelry is able to offer on styling.

Happy previewing. 🙂

“Glamorous Couture” 

I was wearing two of the same necklace in the photo, one re-adjusted to sit right underneath the first one and it instantly elevated the overall look.  The ring was attached to my index finger adding a more trendy and edgy feel to the look too.


The Mother of all – Turtle set may look a little bulky on the vendor and I was skeptical to put on all the pieces but they look so appropriate and lively in this picture and I love them as much as the rest of the themes.

I can’t wait for the last theme photos, styled by Ava Jhamin and October Bettencourt, which will be available on a later date.

A million thank you to Belle Roussel, October Bettencourt and Ava Jhamin on their helps, making me look so gorgeous in these print ads.  <333


Photographer: October Bettencourt (October Studios)

Picture 1 (Glamorous Couture)

Model & Stylist:  Ai Hienrichs

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey Couture Visions of Sugarplums

Gown: Fellini Couture Crescendo

Hair: Vanity Hair Stradivarius HP-Nova Brown

Stocking:  HAYZURIZA Black

Nails: Mandala female medium

Picture 2 (Tropical)

Model & Stylist:  Ai Hienrichs

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey Couture Mother of All – Turtles

Outfit: Purplemoon Guarana Bikini – Blue

Hair: Vanity Hair Minerva HP-Nova Brown

Nails: Mandala female (medium)

Christmas Releases by Chop Zuey Couture

Chop Zuey has released its’ 2012 Christmas collections today offering a variety of beautiful Christmas couture and fun jewelry.  You ought to check them out!

In the picture, I am wearing the Panettone set.  A lovely white and yellow diamonds set in yellow gold that is so full of Christmas’ glamour and glitters.

There is also a Panettone set made of stones which depict the Christmas colors such as red, green and yellow.  A more fun and glamourous set the same time.  Here are the pictures of the rest of the Christmas’ collections. Sorry for the smaller pic, was trying to fit all the vendors onto one screen.

Here’s your limo to the Chop Zuey store.  I assure you, you will be thrilled with what you see and while you are there don’t forget to grab the latest group gifts located by the fountain.  They are equally exquisite.

Credits of first picture go to…

Hair: .SHI Icon Hair

Hat: Vita’s Boudoir Christmas Hair (group gift)

Jewlery: Chop Zuey Couture Panettone

Bodero: Style by Danielle

Gloves: Zenith (part of the Moulin Rough set)

Photography: By Belle Roussel (owner and creator of Chop Zuey)



The “Hope” by Shiki is a beautiful beautiful dress that is elegant, sensuelle and stylish.  I fell in love with this dress immediately I saw Kay Fairey show casing it in the fashion show.  I especially love the “earth” color because of its’ gold and white shades and the conventional one piece design that does not look conventional and simple with its’ feather like sculpted prims throughout the dress.  I know…I have a soft spot for something soft and light. 

However, taking pictures of this dress using my not-so-good laptop was a nightmare.  I had a lot of difficulties controlling the lighting and making the dress looks at its’ best under my lenses and had to try taking pictures at different sims with different backgrounds.  The two pictures below are the best results I could produced for now.  If you like a clearer picture of the dress, click here.

The Hope dress also comes in sky and white colors.

This dress comes just in time for a casting with the “Semi-formal” theme.  Though I have picked to wear the shorter version of the dress, its’ couture design has immediately elevate the look and because the dress itself is so beautiful I did not add any clothing on it.  Instead, I accessorize using gloves, an edgy ring and hair accessory.  The fur gloves is from the inspiration of one of Fall 2011’s must haves.  It’s white fur coincidentally reflects wonderful colors under the lights when pose at a right angle, giving a nice contrast to the dress.


Can you see the colors reflection on my fur gloves?  Both the photos are unedited.

Again, my favourite black ring from Chop Zuey Couture does it again in adding some edge to my style.

And I am happy to say that I, together with a few other models, have been selected for the photoshoot for the first issue of [Deviate] magazine.  Do watch this space for more details on the publication. 😉

The credits of this ensemble goes to….

Hair: Lelutka Knotted Hair Dark Brunette

Hair accessory: LaGyo Vidua Headpiece

Earrings: Earthstones Falling Leaves – Autumn

Ring: Chop Zuey Couture Black Night, Silver Moon ring (hunt item) 

Dress: Shiki HOPE dress – earth

Gloves layer:  Part of SG second moon – khaki outfit

Gloves fur: Part of Muism’s lady gloves

Me & My Crown

I promised a picture of my winning crown as the Chop Zuey Girl when it is available, so here it is.  The Imperial Malagasy Aurora Crown set is truly refined and exquisite and it is an honoured to be able to own it. 

The glitery gown is one of the winning prizes, sponsored by Vero Modero, that matches the jewelry set perfectly.  

There will be ad in the Moolto magazine and spread in the October magazine, so stay tuned! 

I am excited about this wonderful beginning with Chop Zuey Couture.


Photographer: Belle Roussel

Crown & Jewelry: Imperial Malagasy Aurora Crown set

Gown: VERO MODERO / Rusa Gown

Hair: booN YNO421 hair brown

Nails: N-core sculpted nails

Shoes: Enkything Talyna Black