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Bilo + HANDverk

“Do you have a passion for SL photography? Original mesh content and eclectic clothing/accessory/furniture design? Are you a fan of the Bilo and HANDverk brands? Then this is a contest for you.”

Bilo and HANDverk are having a collaborated contest and I have always been a HANDverk fan but I have to admit I have just got to know about Bilo through this contest, so I went to check the store and found the designs really colorful and vibrant.  Something that I would definitely wear on daily and special ocassions.  Needless to say I decided to take up the challenge and did a last minute submission.

As both Bilo and HANDverk have quite a great selections, it took me awhile to decide what I would like to wear and because I didn’t have much time to work on my submission today, I have gone for something simple yet graceful.  I have also challenged myself to use some items that I already have in my inventory.  I remember the HANDverk Rose necklace that I bought from Collabor88 and didn’t have the chance to put on.  This is just the perfect event for it.  The picture is best view in its’ original size, on flickr.  Hence, do remember to click on the picture below and follow the steps to view it.

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

If you are up for the challenge, you have until 11:59pm on Nov 30 to submit your picture. 🙂  Join the HANDverk and Bilo’s group inworld for more details. ❤

LM here!


Dress:{bilo} Salma -Blue

Necklace: [HANDverk]Rose Necklace.plum.

Clutch:[HANDverk]Stud Clutch.cotton candy

Shoes:[HANDverk]Rose Pump.butter.

Cardigan: *COCO*_ShoulderCardigan_Purple

Hair: [e] Listen – Brown 10

Pose:Di’s Opera

Location: Port Seraphine

Photographer / Model / Stylist: Ai Hienrichs

“On this side of the PurpleMoon”….

It’ the name of a styling contest organized by PurpleMoon, one of my favourite brands and the brand that got me started with all these styling and photo contests when I entered the modeling world last year.

I have wanted to do a picture of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) for a long time and this styling I came up with and its’ colors give me the inspiration and motivation to realise the picture, partnering with talented photographer Trinetty Skytower.

Click picture for larger view on flickr

I love what Trin did with the overall effects especially the stars (like I am reaching up to add one last sparkle to the night sky) and not to mention the Aurora that looks so natural and real.  This is exactly how the Canadian Rockies would look and feel like, when the aurora lights the sky.

Click here for larger view

I hope you love the results as much as I do and remember to wish me luck on the contest.  Results will be out on June 30, 2pm, at PurpleMoon’s Anniversary party and speaking of that PurpleMoon is having lotsa anniversary sales and events in the store now, so remember to check them out.  Your carriage here!


Theme: Formal Classic


Hair: elikatira [e] Abbey – Brown 10

Top & Gloves&Inner Skirt Prims: :: PurpleMoon :: Lucia Gown in Black (Limited Edition)

Outer Skirt Prims: :: PurpleMoon :: Serafina in Sapphire

Flower on hair & chest: From the : PurpleMoon :: Serafina in Sapphire skirt (edited)

Necklace: :: PurpleMoon:: Cycle in the Water Necklace

Photographer: Trinetty Skytower

Finesmith/Gizza Valentines Styling Challenge

I’m on a roll today, in making contest pictures it is.

The Finesmith & GizzA Valentines Styling Challenge is a fun one and I always wanted to wear wings for one of my style posts so there is no reason I should skip this one.  The results of the picture is not exactly how I have visualized it but suffice.  I also wanted to keep my styling simple for this contest because to me, “LOVE” shouldn’t be complicated. 😉

Click picture for larger view


Hair: Dura – Boys&girls 27 Chocolate

Top prim: GizzA Twisted Dress (Red)

Top layer: GizzA Twisted Dress (Red)

Flower prims (both adjusted): GizzA Twisted Dress (Red)

Skirt: GizzA Pencil Skirt (Mesh) Leather Red

Necklace: FINESMITH Heart Catcher Natural

Wings: FINESMITH WINGS – Heartology Photoshoot Accessory

Bracelet: FINESMITH Heart Catcher Natural (resized and reattached)

Nails & Rings: FINESMITH Nails Acid Orange

Shoes: FINESMITH Wild Thing Boots Orange Leather

Donna Flora Style Contest

These are the photos I have done for the Donna Flora Style Contest.  The most challenging part of the contest is to style around a certain sets of clothing and jewelry,  so the challenges are not just on styling and adjusting prims but also on creativity.   I really really wanted to win this contest, not because of the cash prizes but for the complete courses with the Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy and the opportunity to work with some very talented models in the industry eventually.  I have met some really stylish and experienced teachers and models from the Academy and the SoloEvane Agency and I am very keen to polish my modeling skills by learning from them.  This will be a big bonus on top of being able to indulge myself in all the Donna Flora clothing and jewelry.

Hence,  I have spent sometime working on the style and pictures and following are the results.  As we are allow to submit three photos so I took full advantage of that.

Here is a close shot of my first style.  I kept the colors but let the picture remain as vintage looking.  For my style, I glammed up the look by using two necklaces and tinted them to look gold.  I also add on  a pair of gloves and wore a vintage / venetian looking hair.

Click image for larger view

The second photo is a complete old picture effect.  I did not add too much of dust and scratches in the photos in order not to distract the looks of my avi and styling.

Complete Old Picture Theme - click picture for larger view

My third submission is just a simple picture with a daytime look that I put together around the Donnatelle Mesh Dress.  I love how the dress is shaped and how all the colors like black, gold, white with a little dots of blue all come together and I added a drapping pearl necklace to bring more attention to the upper body.  I also tinted one of the necklaces to black so it looks like the collar of the dress.

Check my style cards below.

Click photo for larger view

There are just too many beautiful submissions to this contest so I hope my styling and photos will hit the note for the judges.  All fingers crossed. 🙂

Model, Stylist & Photographer: Ai Hienrichs


Look 1 (Picture 1 & 2)

Hair: Amacci Hair Silvia – Mahogany

Earrings: Donna Flora Opera Cameo Set (tinted)

Necklace 1 – Donna Flora Opera Cameo Set (tinted)

Necklace 2 – Donna Flora Silvia Set

Dress: Donna Flora Faith Bronze

Shoes: Donna Flora Sandra Shoes (tinted)

Eye lashes: Je Suis Apparence Lashes 004

Eyeshadows: Elymode makeup bold coal & purple

Gloves: DNR

Look 2 (Picture 3)

Hat: Donna Flora Milli Hat Ballet (tinted)

Necklace 1: Donna Flora Opera Cameo Set (tinted)

Necklace 2: Donna Flora Opera Cameo Set (tinted)

Necklace 3: Donna Flora Andrianna Necklace Cream Pearl (tinted)

Dress: Donna Flora Donnatella Deco

Eyelashes: Amacci Eyelashes Venus Black

Lipstick: Mock Cosmetics Sweet Coral Lipstain (2)

Eyeshadows: Mock Ordos Morning

Shoes: N-Core Ultraplatform Orange

Nails: Mandala Female Nails

AZOURY – Special Christmas

Updated:  AZOURY – Special Christmas contest 2011 winner! Thank you so much to Mayhem and judges for the votes.

I went overboard shopping for Christmas the other day and Leah has kindly offer to give me a lift.  Thank you so much dearie. <333

This photo was taken for the AZOURY Special Christmas contest by no other than the talented Leah McCullough.  We had a lot of fun putting together the props and it was one of the best Christmas experience I had in SL so far.

Wish me luck in the contest!


Beige Sweater: AZOURY-Le Pull Creme Cargo

Shirt layer with high collar & long sleeve: AZOURY – La Robe Shining Camel et Rouge

Skirt: AZOURY-La Jupe Rouge Harmony

Tights: AZOURY-Le Collant Maille Noir Nigelle

Shoes: AZOURY-Les Bottines Rouge Astride (color of top part of boots was changed to green)

Earrings: Chop Zuey Visions of Sugarplum (winter collection 2012)

Hat: Purplemoon Cora in red

Hair: Amacci Hair Silvia