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The Art Box

If you haven’t been to the Art Box, you really should.  It is a fun place with a variety of photography sets,  fully recreated from famous photo’s & paintings in 3D, that comes in props and poses for, as you guessed, taking pictures!   I called it a place that you could go take pictures on a lazy day too; the days when you are just uninspired to put together a photography set or just plain lazy to search for a suitable venue for pictures, just go to the Art box, rezz yourself an artistic set from all the choices available and snap away.

I love the poses too, all of them go very well with the set.  Here are three that I took at the Art Box, in my beautiful Dolly dress and mini ratan bag by Zenith.  I have picked sets that are more urban to go with my looks.  There are also some classical, vintage, funny and comical ones that I could use for other days.  If I got the number right, there are at least fifty sets to choose from.

Dollydress 1024

Dollydress 1024

Dollydress pick words 1024

Both the Zenith Dolly dress and mini bag are available at the new cycle of The Chapter Four.  Did I mention I love heels with socks?  I absolutely adore them and I have quite a few in my SL wardrobe already but when I saw this Ellie Sock Pumps from LaRoo, I told myself I must have it.  I love the little flowers on the pump because they made the shoes just that little more feminine.

Go grab all these items and be sweet and pretty in your pictures. 🙂


Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Mimi” (Type A)(Brown diamond)
Necklace: Necklace [MANDALA]TEFUTEFU Jewelryset Multi Rainbow
Dress: =Zenith=(Snow)Dolly Dress (The Chapter Four item)
Bag: =Zenith= (Snow)Isabella Mini Rattan Bag  (The Chapter Four item)
Shoes: (LaRoo) Ellie Sock Pumps (Violet floral)

Lipstick: Essences – Lipstick 03 glossy

Eyeshadow: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure -Cocktail Eye Shadow – Pink

Location: ART BOX

Vacation, here I come!

Yes! It’s been a long while I have a vacation and I am really looking forward to it.  Just going to be visiting the west side of my country, meeting and catching up with family and friends as well as celebrating the Canada Day!

I will be away from June 28 to July 15 (both days inclusive) and will not be blogging during these period.  Depending on the volume I have to catch up, I might not get to blog for some in the month of July and I like to thank you for your understanding. 🙂

Accompanying my post today, are some really beautiful and graceful items that one could bring along for a fashionable vacation.

The MOLICHiNO Shae Cape is trendy and a good travel company, keeping your shoulder warm throughout your journey.   I love the stamp prints on this Vero Modero Missy dress, that reminds me I can trek the world in style.

My statement piece today is the leather swan bag that I found at the current cycle of SL Fashion Week, by Le Primitif.  It accentuates my graceful ensemble today. 🙂

STAMP 1024

Last but not least, my Dry Martini hair from Vanity Hair.  A good reminder to kick back and enjoy my vacation with a good glass of Martini while I leave all troubles behind.  Oh! Don’t forget to check out my ring called Burst from HANVerk.  They are made for the latest Attic event.  Burst is a collection with very striking colours that will bring a burst to your overall ensemble.

Til we meet again, in a few weeks’ time, have a great summer!!

p/s: June & July babies, don’t forget to keep your post for the “Name Your SL Age Blogger Challenge” coming!


Hair: Vanity Hair:Dry Martini-Soil

Cape: MOLICHiNO Shae Cape – Non Rigged Aqua

Dress: [VM] VERO MODERO / Missy Dress

Shoes: – Shoes Linda – / REDGRAVE

Bag: :::LP::: Leather Swan Tote-Turquoise (SL fashion Week item)

Ring: [HANDverk]Burst Ring.lapis lazuli/silver (The Attic item)

Eye shadows: cheLLe – Moon Dust (Jade) (Cosmetic Fair Summer 2013)

Lipstick: Essences – Lipstick 03 glossy


Location: Lula

The Girls of 007

I had the honour of walking in The Girls of 007 show yesterday produced by The Collective.   It was a show celebrating and paying tribute to 50 years of the James Bond movies, with 24 BOND girls all styled and wore clothing inspired by the movies.  These clothings were made by some really talented designers in SL as listed in the teaser below.

I was assigned two characters:

Plenty O’toole in “Diamond is Forever”

My beautiful gown for Plenty is from KeZa, made by Zaara Guzzanti. I love the shades of this gown and it is very similar to the one we saw in the movie.  As I couldn’t find necklace that look similar, I modified and combined two necklaces to make the one I was wearing.  I was also hoping I could make my shape more voluptous like the movie character but with some limitation of the mesh, I couldn’t do it.   In fact, I have to make my saddle bag smaller and hence I have decided to keep my cleverage the same size in order not to have that “top heavy” impression. 😛

My second character is Severine in the latest “Skyfall”.

….and I was wearing the gown made by Ghee. My picture doesn’t quite do justice to this gown because it sparkles and shines.  Definitely a killer piece. 🙂

I couldn’t find a similar necklace for this styling too, so I wore a dagger instead because Severine is not entirely a good BOND girl. 🙂

Those of you who were at our show yesterday, we hope you enjoyed the Show as much as The Collective team putting it together.  For those who missed it, just head down to the designer stores to grab yourself a copy of your favourite BOND girl outfit. 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone! ❤


On Plenty

Hair: TRUTH HAIR Angie – Browns04

Gown: Keza – Plenty O’Toole

Necklace 1: Donna Flora Bodza necklace (modified)

Necklace 2: Donna Flora SUSY necklace

Eyeshadows: [:ME:] Naomi’s EyeShadow (Enchanted Blue)

Lipstick: Pink Acid Baby Soft Lips – Cream

Shoes (not shown in the picture): Nikki / REDGRAVE

On Severine

Hair: *Dura-Girl*31(Dark Brown)

Necklace: MG – Necklace – Little Tiny Dagger – Short – SILVER (Limited Baazar item)

Gown: ~ghee~ Severine Gown

Ring 1 (not shown in this picture): Pure Poison – Silver – Naira –

Ring 2: Black/silver [MANDALA] Anuttra Ring

Eyeliner: Essences – Hangover Eyeliner 05

Lipstick:  *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure – Faded Lipstick  Nude Dark

Shoes (not shown in this picture): ISON – billie patent heels -left- (black) (Collabor88 item)

SL Names Meme

I saw this interesting Meme topic from Strawberry’s blog that I wanted to do, and thought today is probably a good day although it is not Monday. 😛  SL Meme is a blogger challenge runs by Strawberry Singh, you can read more about the challenge on her blog.  This is my sixth post about Meme, you can read the rest here. 🙂  I hope they are good enough to interest you to participate in this challenge too.

ego & vero 1024

Meme intructions: Copy and paste the following 8 questions and answers to your blog post, delete my answers and input your own! Don’t forget to link your post in this meme’s comments so everyone can read yours!

1. What’s your SL name?  Ai Hienrichs (Ai is pronounced as “Eye” or “I”)

2. What made you choose this name? My first name “Ai” is inspired by a real life model called “Ai Tominaga” but I didn’t pick a Japanese lastname instead I have choosen “Hienrichs” because it reminds me of the the “Heinz” sauce that I absolutely love to use for cooking. 😀  I later found out it is actually a German lastname except the popular one is “Heinrichs” and mine is “Hienrichs”.  Spot the different? 😛

3. What’s your SL nickname, or what do most people call you?  I don’t have a nickname but I have a lovely friend that likes to sing my name because there is a Cantonese song that has a lot of “Ai” in it.  She made me laugh whenever she popped in my box and said (sing) “Ai Ai Ai”.

4. What’s your SL display name? Why do you choose to have one? (if applicable)  I don’t have display name.

5. Do you like your SL name? Oh yes!  I take a lot of pride in it :D, so much that I have the habit now of correcting others for spelling my lastname wrong.  (It is “Hienrichs” and not “Heinrichs” please!)

6. If you could change your SL name, what would it be? Ai Tominaga. 😀

7. What’s the craziest/funniest SL name you’ve ever seen? GodLovesYouButImHisFavourite

8. What’s the coolest (your favorite) SL name you’ve ever seen? Meimei Shiu Mai (sound like a dim sum) 😀

Accompanying this post is one of the latest gowns called Eirene, a result of collaboration works between Vero Modero and Egoisme.  I paired the gown with something “Pure” by Lode for L’accesoires and the Wing necklace by Pure Poison.  Also check out my hair and shoes once you are done laughing with the names. 😛

Have a great weekend everyone! ❤


Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * FOREVER*/darkbrown

Head dress: *LODE* Hat – PURE [gold_green] (L’accessoires item)

Necklace: Pure Poison- Garnet Wings Necklace – Chest

Gown:  [VM] VERO MODERO /  Eirene Gown

Gloves: Baiastice Velvet long gloves-camel

Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Fearless model-copper

Lipstick: Essences – Lipstick 08 glossy

Pose: Agapee

Fireplace: By Dorian – Cottage Fireplace – HUNT Item (Home and Garden Expo 2013)

My Seven (I Mean Eight) SL Facts Meme

My RL friend, JoV, introduced the idea of blog to me many years ago.  She is an avid book blogger and runs a very successful book blog called JoV’s Book Pyramid that I really enjoy reading.  I tried like one book/reading challenge with her and another blogger.  It was fun but I am a slow reader and felt bad when the rest of them had to wait for me to complete my reading.  Plus, I am sometimes (well actually most of my free time not that I have a lot) in SL doing something I like too, so I didn’t participate further in any of the challenges.  The idea of blog challenge, however, has been at the back of my mind since then.

Blogger challenge in SL seems fun to me and they are mostly pictures driven with some writing, which is something I enjoy doing in SL.  So today, I have finally got myself started in the Memes blog challenge, championed by Strawberry Singh.  I picked My Seven SL Facts Meme for the first challenge because… well you will read about it below. 🙂

My SL Fact #1:

I like to delete stuffs and at times accidentally delete something important.  I have deleted style card and description notes that I have prepared and dued on the same day, and had to redo them very last minute.  After the first experience, I always send a copy to a friend for safekeeping. 😀

My SL Fact #2:

In line with Fact #1, I clean my trash a few times a day because I never liked my inventory size to go beyond 50K.  At the moment it is at 65,007, way beyond my limits, so I need to stay calm and keep blogging until my next scheduled spring cleaning in June.  God helps this super OCD!

My SL Fact #3:

As much as I love my home on the ground, I stand on the platform most time, styling, chatting with friends and taking pictures.  A few things I MUST have on my platform – a pose stand, a wall behind where I place my pose stand for styling purpose (not for photography and don’t ask me why) and a runway!

shi + Baiastice + zenith 2500

My SL Fact #4:

My first job in SL was a lucky chair group spammer.  I still like to play lucky chairs ocassionally and I spam my friend when I see their letters. 😛

My SL Fact #5:

I had a SL family and a partnership between year 2007 and 2011, unfortunately most of the members have left SL.  I still miss them dearly (Moon! Masaru! Where are you??).  That remains as my best time in SL.  Having said that, I am grateful that one of my very first friends that I met over lucky chairs is still around. /me hugs Clover Munro. <333

My SL Fact #6:

Some of you might already knew that, my SL firstname “Ai” is inspired by RL model Ai Tominaga.  I have always wanted to be a model since young. 🙂

shi + Baiastice + zenith front 2500

My SL Fact #7:

I made and sold T-shirts and gift boxes in the past.  If you have items from the brand “Back to B@sic” and “LAUGH” in your inventory, they could be made by me. 😛  The items are not that great but thank you very much to those friends that have supported me. 🙂

My SL Fact #8:

I have decided to add another fact to wrap things up for this post which explains why I picked this particular Meme topic to begin with, like a little get-to-know-me session before I get Meme deeper into the challenge. ^.^

….and that’s just me, I always likes to have a beginning and ending to everything I do.  If I started something, I would work on finishing it even it might take longer (or forever)…so (message to Joy L)  one day I will pick up creating again. I’m sure!

One day, I also hope to be a sim owner and build a fantasy theme that will offer store space to some of my dear designer friends in SL.  I was almost going to do it but with a turn of a rl event, I have to shelf this idea.  It seems to be a dream that will not happen anytime soon but it is still at the back of my mind.

Five years, going to be six soon, I’m grateful of what I have in SL todate.  Some true friendship, people’s appreciation of my works (I just saw in a group that I am one of their Top Bloggers, among some really great one, and am really grateful for that recognition) and blogging and work opportunities.  Thank you to those that believe in me.

My Meme style today, as below. 🙂  Love the new releases from .SHI, Zenith, HANDverk and Baiastice!


Hair:  .Shi Hair : Quiet Confidence [Chestnut Honey 2]

Top: Baiastice_Kasia studded top-yellow

Pants: Essences – Lipstick 02 glossy (dark skintones)

Shoes: .Shi : Hive Highwaist Shorts

Bag: =Zenith=Leather Pack Mini Bucket Bag

Necklaces: MG – Necklace – Robot Dream Ride – Robot (Collabor88 item)

Bracelet: [HANDverk]Strand Bracelet.psychotic pink

Lipstick: Essences – Lipstick 02 glossy (dark skintones)

Lipgloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP – kabuki red sheer shimer

Pose: Di’s Opera (Limited Baazar)