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Favourite Genes

The name “Favourite Genes” (FG) has been stucked with me since I blogged for the brand in the last Fantasy Faire.  I find the word “genes” a brilliant description for a skin store; whether we are yellow, green, pink, purple or azure it all boils down to our genes, and in Second Life we are lucky to be able to pick and wear our “favourite genes”. 🙂

This year FG is back at the Faire with skin focusing on the air elements for men and women.  The skin comes with tattoo layers that offer the options of adding different colour sparkles on the skin.  As air is an element that we could only feel but hardly see, the air element skin is made very pale and somewhat transparent and best view under bright windlight settings.  I added eyeshadows and eyelashes from Musa.  Even air can be sexy. 🙂

Musa + FG 2500

Also, from the Faire is the Erika Hair from Wasabi Pills that comes in Pink, Purple and Azure. 🙂

Favourite Genes is on the Dragon Spire sim  and Wasabi Pills is on the Magnificat sim.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Crystal pink (FFL 2013)

Skin: {FG} RFL 2013 Air Elemental 1

Tattoo: Favourite Genes FF 2013 Sparkle Violet FB

Eyelashes: !Musa! EyeLashes5 Elegant Navy

Eyeshadows: !Musa! Eyeshadow Sharon4

Eyeliner: PIDIDDLE – Latex Liner&Lashes – Plastic Pink (Cosmetic Fair 2013)

Sleeves: the muses . Starfall . Sleeve. Silver

Pose: Musa Fantasy pose 038

Favourite Genes, EMO-tions & Bare Rose at Fantasy Faire 2012

The Fantasy Faire opens its’ door to the public today, April 21. Eight sims filled with magical architecture,  fantasy designs, and remarkable stores, it is a faire that you simply cannot missed. Then, for the next nine days all of us have the chance to make a difference, supporting the event by purchasing some of the exclusive items donated by designers at the faire where all proceeds collected for these items will go to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life, helping the cancer patients.

Here is the designer lists and their store locations for the faire this year.  I have choosen to blog for some designers at the Siren’s Secret sim and have been lucky enough to also assigned some designers from other sims.

Here are some of the exclusive items donated for the faire.  I am very very impressed with what I have seen so far.

EMO-tions AMANDINE Hair – FantasyRed (Exclusive for FF)

Favourite Genes – FG Ethereal Skin – Petal (Exclusive for FF)

Dress is from Vita’s Boudoir

EMO-tions RISEN Hair – Snow (Exclusive for FF)

Favourite Genes – FG Ethereal Skin – Char & Reflective, Fantasy Faire 1 eyes (Exclusive for FF)

Dress is from Miamai

(Click on picture for larger view)

EMO-tions RISEN Hair – FantasyRed (Exclusive for FF)

EMO-tions Leanne Dress (Exclusive for FF)

Favourite Genes – FG Ethereal Skin – Azure (Exclusive for FF)

EMO-tions AMANDINE Hair – Violet (Exclusive for FF)

Favourite Genes – FG Ethereal Skin – Azure (Exclusive for FF)

Bare Rose B@R Breastplate RFL Lady (Excludive forFF)

Here is your carpet ride to the Faire and feel free to visit my flickr for high res version of the pictures.

Favourite Genes

Designer: Violette Larkham

Siren’s Secret – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sirens%20Secret/177/128/21


Designer: Mirja Mills

Shifting Sands – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shifting%20Sands/79/128/23

Bare Rose

Designer: June Dion

Jungle Bungle – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jungle%20Bungle/68/119/23

Stay tuned for my next post as a mer. 😉