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Teach Me Something Meme

Still living in the world without shadows, I thought I will make myself useful by sharing a trick that you may not know.  This is for one of the Meme challenges run by Strawberry Singh.  I called mine a trick and not talent because it really doesn’t require special skills to do this.

If you haven’t been following my Meme posts, you can read the rest of them and find out more here!

Also, accompanying this post, I did a styling too.  Just in case you already knew the trick I am going to share, at least you will still learn something new (releases in fashion) from my post. 😛

Split Skirt + BSD + Emery + 7DS bsd 1024

Split Skirt + BSD + Emery + 7DS_006 1048

How often, when you are out and about on the grids, do you check what others are wearing and wonder where you can find that cool pair of boots or belt or hat? Or thinking who made that lovely hair or set of jewelries this model on the runway is using?

….but you are too shy to ask a stranger for the landmark…and when you finally summoned up the courage to open an IM, you realized there is language barrier that you are stuck in the IM trying to figure out how to explain what you want.

What can you do to find out where the items are from without having to go through those embarrassing moments?

There is an “Inspect” feature that you could use to check the non rigged objects someone is wearing, and from there you could find out who the creators are for those items which most time will help you trace and find the landmarks to their stores.

Here are some pictorial guides that show you how to inspect an object someone is wearing.  Do note that guides are based on Firestorm viewer V4.4.03.

I strongly suggest that before you start inspecting someone, turn off your “Lookat Target Hints” (Preferences -> Privacy -> Lookat) and Particle Beams (Preferences -> Firestorm -> Uncheck Selection Beams)  so when you are inspecting an object someone’s wearing, you do it without interrupting them.  Also, for this to work, you need to make sure the avatar is on the same sim as you.

To inspect a non-rigged object someone is wearing……

Firstly, right click on the object you would like to inspect, in this case I am going to inspect the black shoes this avatar is wearing….

shoes 1

A pie menu will appear, click on “More”…

shoes 2

Another pie menu will open and this time click on “Inspect”…

shoes 3

Now, a table will appear like the one shown in the picture below.   On the bottom of the table, you will find two options to either see the owner or the creator’s profile.  Click on “See Creator’s Profile…”.

shoes 4

…..and tada! You will see the creator’s profile, where very likely you will be able to find the landmark to the store under the Picks and/or Classified.

shoes 5

Bear in mind, this trick only applies to non-rigged objects. 🙂  It’s not a perfect solution but it helped me find 90% of the items I inspected. 😛

There will be times you might end up seeing something that you suspect is a copybotted item.  If unsure, I suggest that instead of teleporting from the landmark you found on the creator’s profile, do a search of the store under “Places” and teleport to the original store from there.

I hope you will find the “Inspect” feature useful.  Let me know what you think! 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone! ❤


Skin: {7DS} WeekendPromo 18

Hair: Exile::Celebrity Skin Dark Browns

Earring:(Kunglers Extra) Yara earring – Golden (L’accessoires item)

Top: Emery – Mesh Crop T Shirt Aztec Salmon (The Arcade item)

Skirt: ISON – slit pencil skirt (caramel)

Belt: *COCO*_LeatherBuckleBelt_Ivory

Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Splendid model abstract beige

Clutch: *COCO*_LipClutch (White) (Fameshed item)

Ring: .Shi : Luxe Gift { Love Ring }[Limited Edition]

Pose: MORPHINE Poses

Hair Fair 2012 – TROUBLE 1

I got myself into a lot of trouble yesterday.  Seriously, I mean A LOOOOT!

Hair Fair 2012 gave early access to some bloggers yesterday and with the free cruising and lag free environment (my first ever relaxing experience) I got to check every store and every corner and tried on every hair.  Not to mention the oh soo smooth money transaction in exchanged for the lovely hair.

So here I am, showing you some of my troubles. Let me warn you, this is just the tip of an iceberg. >.<


1. Remember to click on the picture for bigger trouble.

2. Check the name of the trouble, I mean hair, on each picture.

The Hair Fair opens its’ door to the public today (July 14) and there are four lovely sims with uncountable stores, so lots of patience is needed to find that hair you need…and while you are trying to get in the always-seem-to-be-busy-sims for the next couple of days,  you can also join the Hair Fair 2012 Demo Group to have a preview of what are available, at your own time and your own pace, or just come back to my blog for more features tomorrow and the next couple of days. 🙂

LM for each sim below.  Now, go get yourself into some troubles too!






Look 1

Hair: ARGRACE STRAW FEDORA/CHLOE – Darkbrown  ** (The Fedora comes with color change for the hat and the scarf on the hat).  Rika has new textures on all her new hair, that are more refined and realistic.  I absolutely adore this new hair!)

Four new hairs at the Fair, Argrace is on the SAND sim.

Necklace: LaGyo

Look 2

Hair: Vanity Hair – Florette /Soil **

Vanity has four new beautiful and very distinct hair at the fair, Vanity is on the WATER sim.

Crochet: Nylon Outfitters – Crochet Dress Purple (Collabor88)

Inner shirt – MichaMi Wren (TDR item)

Look 3

Hair: Tameless Sojo – Brown

Corset: VoguE Elly Corset – Sacrlet

Tamelss is on the GARDEN sim.

Look 4

Hair: MINA Daan/ Darkbrown **

Necklace: Donna Flora VENUS ruby set

MINA has four new hairs out at the Fair.  MINA is on the GARDEN sim.

Look 5

Hair: Illusory Misunderstood / Red Hot

Choker: UnTone Heart Choker

Illusory is on the SAND sim.

Look 6

Hair: EMO-tions Susan / Darkbrown (type b) **

Earrings: Kungler Velouria Earrings – TDRD item

There are two ways in wearing this EMO-tions hair and just by the touch of the hair, you get to change to a complete different hair style within a few seconds.  It’s really cool!

EMO-tions has five new hairs at the Fair and one free gift. EMO-tions is on the WATER sim.


** Review items

p/s:  As much as possible, I will credit every event and creator in my post but if I missed anyone. please understand that it is not intentional, that’s just because there are too many items in my post at times.  🙂



Just got back from a vacation where I did some serious shopping and have to say it’s quite exhausting, so I decided to lie down and treat myself to a break. Phew!  Don’t mind my messy home.

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view



Hair: *Dura* The 2nd year Anniversary hair (Dark Brown)

Necklace:[ glow ] studio Femme II Necklace (TDRB)

Dress: (Kunglers) TDRB # 54 – leather dress (TDRB)

Bracelet: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet (Black)

Ring:[ glow ] studio – Spike Ring (TDRB)

Shoes: FINESMITH- Wild sandals  Zebra (hunt item)

Clutch:LaGyo_Lora purse Lupine

Phone:My mobile phone red – Label Motion (group gift)

Hat:Lelutka Audrey hat


Blouse on bench: Tdr Blue Special – Sleveless Shirt – Watercolour (TDRB)

Hair band on bench:[ glow ] studio – Mint roses hairband (TDR 52)

Bench: {what next} Marais Gossip Bench (Brigitte)

Red Chair: Frozen Leather Red Chair

Pictures on wall: {what next} Brigitte Picture Frames

Shopping bags: Mon Tissu

Suitcases: LISP – Boom Box Case with sits for 2

Rug: LISP – Spring Words Rug

Set created by Ai Hienrichs.

Desire Flower

There are always something to keep me busy in SL, such as shopping, modeling, shows, castings, taking pictures or even just trying on new clothes!

I have to say I had a lot of fun checking out Vero Modero’s new Desire Flower dress.  This lovely dress comes in two versions, one for colouring and the other one with variety of flora prints, both managed by the click of one button in a hud and viola! the texture changes on the same dress.  It’s so cool and convenient.

Here are a few versions I have styled for.

VM Desire Flower Dress


Hair: Exile Summer Secret Summer (Item from The Deck)

Necklace: Izzie Long Flower Necklace – Purple (Gatcha item)

Clutch: Osakki Rio Clutch (Chic2 Exclusive)

Boots: Ladies Who Lunch – Troopa Boots

Pose:  Marukin (Collabor88 item)

VM Desire Flower Dress


Hair: Wasabi Pills – Claire (Fameshed item)

Necklace & Ring: Kunglers Nightingale Gold

Shoes: Loovus Dzevavor Major: Jet Set Pump [Guadalajara]

Pose: The Muse Poses – Yael (October Chamber item)

VM Desire Flower Dress


Hair: Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) – Auburn

Shoes: GField Rose Bootie “Diva” -strawberry

Phone: LG LPhone 4.6

Ring: [ glow ] studio – Spike Ring (TDR item)

Pose: Marukin (Collabor88 item)

The Desire Color Dress is basically managed by a menu with the RGB Color Picker, which means you can have your dress in any shades you like to match that hat, shoes or accessories. Isn’t cool? 🙂

VM Desire Colour Dress

VM Desire Colour Dress

Drop in to Vero Modero’s mainstore today to pick up this dress!


Hair: Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) – Auburn

Bag: Ricielli Mesh – Cowhide Tote Leather Bag (hunt item)

Bracelet: FINESMITH KOSH BRACELET MINT (summer hunt item)

Shoes: [[LD]] Major: Traveled Pumps [Morocco] (Past couturier dock item)

Pose: The Muse Poses – Yael (October Chamber’s item)

Fashion For Life (FFL) 2012 Finale

March 20 is the last day for the FFL 2012 and it is also your last chance to pick up some of the beautiful clothing and items available at the Fair, some of which are made limited edition and will no longer be available after tomorrow, so make sure you go do your wardrobe some justice soon, and for a good cause too!

I did a crash styling and photoshoot session to go through most of the items I have conquered during the Fair.  Credits will be written  just right below each picture so make sure you keep scrolling and reading if you would like to check all of them. 🙂 If you don’t see some credits in a certain picture chances are I have credited it in another picture, in this same post.

So if you are ready, here we go….

Look 1


Hair: [HaIR_ngelic] Shilane -Hennarot

Dress:!*GField* Lace Tops “Lucy” & Wrap Mini Skirt -mint (FFL item)

Necklace:(Kunglers Extra) Bambu – necklace – natura

Boots:!*GField*[Mesh] Long Cuff Boots “Will”-peach (also available at FFL)

Watch:*chronokit* watch no.34 *Comet* female 01

Lipstick:Baiastice_teeth- mod 1

Pose: Amacci_Model35b


Look 2


Hat: ***** BaObA *****Miss Sayonara

Hair: booN DRJ224 hair chestnut

Dress: Tres Beau “Georgia” Rose (FFL item)

Earrings: Donna Flora VIOLETTA earrings

Bracelet: Donna Flora PRINCESS bracelet

Pose: Agape agp_gown-F126


Look 3


Hair: Osmose Gift (available at the OGlam Mall)

Gown: SHIKI-couture dress HIBISCUS LADY-lavender (FFL item)

Gloves: from Purplemoon :: PM :: Luccy Dress in Pink -Vintage Collection-

Necklace: Donna Flora Jasmie Parure Necklace

Freckles: Shake Up Freckles V2

Lipstick: [mock] Bold Magenta Glace Lipcolor [lip  0] – (FFL item)

Pose: [Actitud] Poses Gowns 004 (pose by Leah McCullough, available at Je Suis sim)


Look 4


Hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 01 / Dark Mocha (new brand by Kumi Yoshikawa owner of 69)

Dress: GizzA Tribal Dress (FFL item)

Necklace: LaGyo Wild Necklace

Bracelet: { Magenta } Origem Bangles (TTB item)

Shoes: AZOURY – Les Sandales Meli – Melo Kaki (available at the FFL)

Lipstick: [mock] Cosmetics Sweet Coral Lipstain (1) (Lip only)

Pose: Agape agps_fe178


Look 5


Hair: Purplemoon :: PM :: Day Hair -BASICS- Chocolate

Gown: Purplemoon :: PM :: Pheasant Gown in Purple (FFL2012 exclusive item)

Pose: Agape agp-high pose080


Look 6



Dress: *VoguE* Strelitzia Limited Edition (FFL item)

Shoes: from AlaFolie Annie set (FFL hunt item)

Lipstick: [mock]Tapestry Glace LipColor [lip 0] (FFL item)

Pose: BehaviourBody BeBo-RW-4

…..and as I put this post together, I realised I have bought all dresses and mostly purple and pink.  Oh well!