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Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!¬† Thank you for visiting my blog. ūüôā¬† If you are here for the first time, thank you for dropping in and I hope you will continue to stay.¬† If you are revisiting, welcome¬†back! I hope you like my new theme and as always¬†thank you¬†very much¬†for showing your supports.

The¬†New Year always¬†brings lots of mix feelings to me.¬† A few years ago, I have got the influence of a close friend to list down my new year resolutions at the beginning of each year, and we agreed that we will do milestone check on each other ocassionally.¬† This exercise gives me a perspective of what I have achieved, and not achieved, every year.¬†¬† I am someone that like to plan alot.¬† Sometimes too far ahead that I drove¬†myself and my¬†family crazy.¬† Having said that,¬†I like the planning process because as I plan, I know there are exciting things await.¬† However, it is also this habit that got me drown with too many goals to work on, and I feel guilty when I don’t¬†accomplish them.¬† As another new year draws closer, I rushed myself to finish the goals I have set for the year and¬†grind at the fact that I will have to move some to the¬†next year.¬† Hence, the mix feelings.

In the new year, I will continue to do what I like to do in SL, scaling back in some areas and putting more focus on others.¬† Blogging will continue to be one of my priorities.¬† I would like to work on being more consistent in the quality of my pictures and of course better quality too, but I will let you be the judge at the end of 2013. ūüėÄ

To kick start my post for year 2013, I have choosen this beautiful turqoise gown called Audrey by Vero Modero made for Miss VW Poland 2013.

Audrey Gown 1221

My pick is to go a little unconventional with the styling by letting down my hair and putting on a pair of boots. ūüôā

Hopefully year 2013 will be the same for me,¬†with surprises and a¬†twist –¬†in a good¬†way.

Have a good start of the year everyone! ‚̧


Hair: Analog Dog ging brunette1

Crown:¬† lassitude & ennui Dreamer tiara – silver / blue (L’accessoires item)

Gown: [VM] VERO MODERO / Audrey Cresci Gown

Boots: [monso] My Combat Ankle Boots – Blue (Collabor88 item)

Lipstick 1: blackLiquid MAKEUP – kabuki red sheer shimer

Lipstick 2: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure – Faded Lipstick Bright Red


Location:  NeverlandX

No Kisses

I went through last week not remembering half of what I did because I was under the influence of flu bugs and fever.  I only remember I needed to get through a show that I have committed earlier, as well as a casting submission; and also many many clicks at the arcade.

Trying to get back to my blogging schedules, now that I am feeling better, I am afraid there is still no kissing until the cough is¬†all cleared.¬† ūüėõ

I have read how a little black dress is good for any ocassions, so I tell myself I should really try it even on a Monday.¬† Vero Modero has released the Selina black dress that is really trendy.¬† I especially love the little puff shoulder and¬†3/4 length sleeves.¬† With this black¬†dress I can paired it with so many accessories,¬†including some of those recent artistic releases from Chop Zuey.¬† There is also this cool clutch from Chic Safari that I have been looking for an opportunity to use.¬†¬†ūüėČ

I used a lighter hair tone today because I wanted my college hair to shine.¬† Though I think my professors may not like it very much, but the girls will envy and the¬†boys will sure want to be close to me. ūüėõ

Click picture for larger view

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

Happy Monday everyone!¬† No kisses today?¬† No problem. ūüôā¬† Just¬†head down to Chop Zuey,¬†Vanity Hair,¬†Vero Modero and L’accessoires to pick up these kissable items. ūüėČ


Hair:  Vanity Hair:Briton College Umber

Dress: [VM] VERO MODERO / Selin Mesh Dress Black

Mouth Piece: Chop Zuey Speak To Me in Love Poems Gold MouthPiece

Clutch: [ChicZafari] – Knuckle duster bag 04 (L’accessoires item)

Cuffs: Chope Zuey Glass Giants Multi Bracelet (New Releases)

Boots: Lassitude & ennui Phoebe lace-up boots¬† black / light wood (L’accessoires item)

Nails: Mandala Female Medium

Pose: The Muse Poses