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X’mas Santa

There’s an inner child inside me that wants to believe Santa and the Red Nose Reindeer are real. ¬†Nothing wrong in believing, that just makes X’mas so much more fun. ūüôā

X'mas santa

LMs here!


Hair: [LeLutka]-HELEN – WalnutWhip
Muffle: *League* Earmuffs -Red Reindeer (past Arcade item)
Jacket: Boudoir Red winter coat
Pants: (TokiD) Reve trousers (black)
Santa: =Zenith=Mage Doll – Adofalcon (The Chapter Four Gacha item)
Lipstick: .the sugar garden. Lip Laquer – Too Hot NT (Light; Tone A&X)
Eyeshadow: *elymode* makeup – smoke frost – 2
Pose: Del May РAs I am + Pose in santa

Tree: Thistle Flourish Christmas Tree (cm) (Christmas Expo item)
Snowflake: Atelier Visconti Snowflake (Christmas Expo item)
Fireplace: Dorian – Cottage Fireplace
Santa on mantal: =Zenith=Mage Doll – Yenward (The Chapter Four Gacha item)
Mirror: Picnic antique mirror – pink

Geeky Friday

I’m just a conventional geek. No ipad, no iphone and no lappy, just lots of books and my little bomb friend. ūüôā

geek + etc 2048

Another week with lots of fairs and sales! Even the geekiest gal loves to shop. ūüėČ


Hair: [INK] Hair___MOAT ::Brown (The Mens Department)
Glasses: [UMEBOSHI] Wingding 2.0 -Black-
Sweater: ISON – embossed sweatshirt (salmon) (Geeks n Nerds item)
Tie: The Secret Store – Women/8 Bits Tie – Smurf (Geeks n Nerds item)
Camera: VCO – Worry dolls2 RARE (past Arcade item)
Tights: *League* Folklore Leggings -Navajo (pl)
Shoes: [sYs] RIFT sneakers – blue (Shoetopia item)
Watch: -FAUN- Lightning Flashwatch -Retro-
Bubble Gum: Blow-Up – Bubble Gum
Pose:(marukin) [autumn] modest leaf

Cube: [tea.s] Puzzle Cube Chair – Mixed (Geeks n Nerds item)
Bag: *BOOM* Long Haul Messenger Bag – Oh my Glob! (Geeks n Nerds item)
Books on left: LISP – Anna Book Open & Charlotte Nerd Book
Books on right: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Decorative Art Books 1 & 2 (stack)
Door: [tea.s] & //elephante poses// Dead Door “closed” (Geeks n Nerds item)
Bomb: The Secret Store – My Bomb Friend – Blue – Decor (Geeks n Nerds item)

Fashionably Warm

-31C! It feels as if everything, including the air, are frozen. :S Good thing I have these fashionably warm clothing and boots for such a chilly day.

skirt + coco + league 2048

LM here!


Hair: *Dura-Girl*51 (Dark Brown)
Scarf: FATEwear Scarf – Ron – SnowyHighlands
Coat & Turtleneck: *COCO*_OversizedCoat (Camel) w/Turtleneck
Skirt: ISON – side ruffle skirt (snow) (Collabor88 item)
Socks: *GField* Button Socks :OverKnee: -pansy-
Boots: *League* Winter Wedge Boot (Shoetopia item)
Ring: (epoque) Metal Petal Ring – Chrome/Chrome
Lipstick: Pink Acid Shimmer Lip Gloss – Tangerine (Kustom 9 item)
Eyeshadow: Allure Eye-Shadow 5
Pose: flowey ‚̧ Shoetopia #4 (gacha item Shoetopie item)

Location: Trust (Kustom 9)

Home and Garden Expo 2013

The Home and Garden Expo (HGE) 2013 has opened since May 24, with 11 sims and over 100 creators, is the 6th Annual Expo to benefit the Relay for Life (RFL).  You will also be able to find 30 creators from the ever popular breedables sector in the second annual Breedables Fair at this Expo.  This year’s Expo feature 8 regions full of home products, 2 sims just for the breedables fair and 1 entertainment sim where you can take a break from shopping and party in style: there is going to be a lot to see and do at this year’s Expo!  To find out more about the list of Exhibitors and also events happening at the Expo, check out the HGE website here!

I have been busy unpacking the blogger packs since Thursday and decorating of course. ūüėĬ† Feeling¬†excited to find¬†so many¬†amazing items from the Expo,¬†I am also¬†amazed with some of the high quality and delicate items from¬†stores that¬†I haven’t heard of; but¬†what impressed me the most is they are¬†low prims¬†with really¬†detailed¬†mesh works and texturing.

This cute CIRCA Sky Room is one of my favourite because not only it is cute, it also comes with really beautiful doors and a balcony that is bright and fresh.  I love the wood textures on the floor inside and the grass texture on the balcony.  The trees, lights and the sun ray are a huge bonus, so I absolutely love love love it!

Sky Room 2048

skyroom balcony 2048

skyroom balcony 2 2048

As much as I love to decorate my home, I can’t say I am very good in it, so I am going to do a small section at one time. Hopefully you like what I have put together so far. ūüôā

Sky Room bedroom 2048

Sky Room 2 2048

The Home and Garden Expo ends on¬†June 2 so you have one full week to explore the¬†sims, they¬†are really¬†beautiful and plesant to walk around.¬† Remember to bring a truck because I believe you will need that to load your purchases. ūüėȬ† There are no specific starting point at the Expo so anywhere is a good start and there are TP boards all over the sim, so they are really convenient.¬† I started mine from here¬†and have landed on a few people since. ūüėõ

Have a great weekend everyone! ‚̧

Home and Garden Items

Second Space honeycomb wall art – pink/purple

Dreamscapes Decor *Fleur* Flower Signage

*ionic* Alison bed – white.2

LISP – Sweetheart Floor Cushion – Heart

{what next} Garden Cafe Tray (part of the Garden Cafe Table set)

~Soho Center~ Molly Magazines Set

{what next} Coastal Cottage Rug (beige)

LISP- Didi Lea(Little Sister) Lamp with photo v2

Second Space bennie small chest – light green w/wood

Second Space bennie small chest – pink w/white

LISP – Mushroom Burlap Bag Blue

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Vase with Branches {what next} Garden Cafe Flowers (cream)

LISP – Anna Book Open

*ionic* amp-pillows seat

{what next} Garden Cafe Table & Chairs (pink & green)

[ Organica ] Mesh Tulips 1 (RFL)(potted)

[CIRCA] – “French Persuation” – Mini Skyroom in Ivory (L.E.)

On Balcony

Dreamscapes Decor *Country* Bench Flower Garden

Dreamscapes Decor *Spring* Birdhouse B with bird

Dreamscapes Decor *Spring* Birdhouse A with Fireflies

Dreamscapes Decor *Gardener* Table Watering Can

[ Organica ] Mesh Tulips 1 (RFL)(potted)

[CIRCA] – Greeny Leafy Bush2

On Ai

Hair: [e] Quirky – Brown 08

Glasses: FINESMITH BANGBANG sunglasses platinum

Romper: =Zenith= (Colorful & Denim) Zipped Rompers

Necklace: *League* Dipped Feather Necklace RoseGold-Brown Cord [Fit 1]

Boots: .:.*{ S.G }*.:. RainBoot

Pose: adorkable

Family Portrait – Wizard of Oz

Everyone has got what they wanted and it’s time for Dorothy to¬†head home!¬† Before that, let’s pose for a family portrait…..

HANDverk has made a series of relic items¬†based on the original child novel¬†“Wizard of Oz”, for the latest Arcade event.

“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum and published in 1900. The story tells of girl, Dorothy Gale, who gets swept away from her Kansas home by a tornado and lands in the land of Oz. She strives to return home to Kansas and in the process meets her three cohorts, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and the Cowardly Lion, all of whom have their own desires that together they attempt to have fulfilled by the magical Wizard of Oz.

The story has become beloved in American culture mostly due to the 1939 MGM film starring Judy Garland. There are a number of differences and significant omissions the film that becomes apparent as one examines the items in this collection. Dorothy’s ruby slippers were originally silver in the book and items such as the green spectacles and golden cap were never a part of the famous movie.

This set are interpretations of the descriptions of important items in the story and are not intended to be literal. The book was originally illustrated by Baum’s friend and collaborator W. W. Denslow. The design of the book was lavish for the time with many illustrations in many colors. The MGM film borrowed liberally from Denslow’s depictions, but there is much room for interpretation regarding many of the items depicted by the set.

The original book has been in the public domain since 1956 and can be accessed online via many websites.”

Arcade Wizard of oz 1709

If you are a Wizard of Oz’s fan, these are something that you really shouldn’t miss and if you are also a gatcha fan, then the more your should take this LM¬†and let these items and event blown you away!


On Dorothy

Skin:  *LpD* Skins Р*Chara* Silver No Lipstick (Exclusive on Salimar Shopping District)

Blushes: .Pekka. BLUSH 2

Lipstick: *Fishy Strawberry* Kokeshi Gloss – Rose

Hair: [e] Quirky – Blonde 07

Dress:*LpD* – *Dancing* Dress White

Tights: *League* Folklore Leggings -Ziggy

Cap: [HANDverk]Oz Relic.golden cap

Shoes: [HANDverk]Oz Relic.silver slipper

On Set

Dolls from DOLLCOCO (group gift)

*DC*_DisplayModel_The Tin Woodman

*DC*_DisplayModel_The Scarecrow

*DC*_DisplayModel_The Cowardly Lion

Relic items from HANDverk (for Arcade)

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.the throne of Oz

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.woodman’s new heart

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.dorothy’s basket

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.the cyclone

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.Woodman’s hat and oil

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.Lion’s new courage

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.jar of brains

On the [HANDverk]Oz Relic.display case

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.the Wizard’s balloon

[HANDverk]Oz Relics.Wicked Witch’s whistle

[HANDverk]Oz Relic.green spectacles