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Teach Me Something Meme

Still living in the world without shadows, I thought I will make myself useful by sharing a trick that you may not know.  This is for one of the Meme challenges run by Strawberry Singh.  I called mine a trick and not talent because it really doesn’t require special skills to do this.

If you haven’t been following my Meme posts, you can read the rest of them and find out more here!

Also, accompanying this post, I did a styling too.  Just in case you already knew the trick I am going to share, at least you will still learn something new (releases in fashion) from my post. 😛

Split Skirt + BSD + Emery + 7DS bsd 1024

Split Skirt + BSD + Emery + 7DS_006 1048

How often, when you are out and about on the grids, do you check what others are wearing and wonder where you can find that cool pair of boots or belt or hat? Or thinking who made that lovely hair or set of jewelries this model on the runway is using?

….but you are too shy to ask a stranger for the landmark…and when you finally summoned up the courage to open an IM, you realized there is language barrier that you are stuck in the IM trying to figure out how to explain what you want.

What can you do to find out where the items are from without having to go through those embarrassing moments?

There is an “Inspect” feature that you could use to check the non rigged objects someone is wearing, and from there you could find out who the creators are for those items which most time will help you trace and find the landmarks to their stores.

Here are some pictorial guides that show you how to inspect an object someone is wearing.  Do note that guides are based on Firestorm viewer V4.4.03.

I strongly suggest that before you start inspecting someone, turn off your “Lookat Target Hints” (Preferences -> Privacy -> Lookat) and Particle Beams (Preferences -> Firestorm -> Uncheck Selection Beams)  so when you are inspecting an object someone’s wearing, you do it without interrupting them.  Also, for this to work, you need to make sure the avatar is on the same sim as you.

To inspect a non-rigged object someone is wearing……

Firstly, right click on the object you would like to inspect, in this case I am going to inspect the black shoes this avatar is wearing….

shoes 1

A pie menu will appear, click on “More”…

shoes 2

Another pie menu will open and this time click on “Inspect”…

shoes 3

Now, a table will appear like the one shown in the picture below.   On the bottom of the table, you will find two options to either see the owner or the creator’s profile.  Click on “See Creator’s Profile…”.

shoes 4

…..and tada! You will see the creator’s profile, where very likely you will be able to find the landmark to the store under the Picks and/or Classified.

shoes 5

Bear in mind, this trick only applies to non-rigged objects. 🙂  It’s not a perfect solution but it helped me find 90% of the items I inspected. 😛

There will be times you might end up seeing something that you suspect is a copybotted item.  If unsure, I suggest that instead of teleporting from the landmark you found on the creator’s profile, do a search of the store under “Places” and teleport to the original store from there.

I hope you will find the “Inspect” feature useful.  Let me know what you think! 🙂

Have a nice weekend everyone! ❤


Skin: {7DS} WeekendPromo 18

Hair: Exile::Celebrity Skin Dark Browns

Earring:(Kunglers Extra) Yara earring – Golden (L’accessoires item)

Top: Emery – Mesh Crop T Shirt Aztec Salmon (The Arcade item)

Skirt: ISON – slit pencil skirt (caramel)

Belt: *COCO*_LeatherBuckleBelt_Ivory

Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}Splendid model abstract beige

Clutch: *COCO*_LipClutch (White) (Fameshed item)

Ring: .Shi : Luxe Gift { Love Ring }[Limited Edition]

Pose: MORPHINE Poses

My Gendai-Haiku Meme

Strawberry throws us a challenge today that’s to sum up our Second Life in a Haiku. A Haiku is a short form of Japanese poetry with very specific number of syllables.   I, however, is using the modern haiku (Gendai-Haiku) because I am not sure if I could get my poem to work in 17 syllables.

Anyway, here it goes…

Ai (爱) means Love,
Love for fashion, pictures and lucky chairs.
To love and be loved.

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bomber vest 2048

Accompanying my third Meme post is some new items from ISON, EMO-tions and L’accessoires.

Check them out!


Hair: Slink Alexi Hair Burnt

Hat: LeeZu! Garbo Hat (L’accessoires item)

Blouse: ISON – tucked-in shirt (Red hud – dark)

Vest: ISON – bomber vest -S- (tan)

Skirt: *COCO*_MaxiSkirt(Brown)

Bag: ISON – scout boho bag (sky)

Necklace: .:EMO-tions.. * ORION* necklace

Location: Junk Drawer

Three SL Wishes Meme

Welcome to my second Meme post, responding to the blogger challenge championed by Strawberry Singh. 🙂  You can read about my first Meme post here.

I hopped from the first Meme topic to the most recent one because I find this one really interesting, partially because I am a “what if” person and always day dreaming about some “if” situations, so this is just a perfect one for me. 😛

Rose + Solidea + shi + ison 2048

…and here it goes…

So you’re walking along the beach, kicking at the sand and you notice a magic lamp hidden under a rock. You pull it out and rub it, because what else would you do with a magic lamp? Out pops a genie and is ready to grant you three wishes, any three wishes to do with your SLife.

1. I wish the Firestorm viewer would offer a calender feature that also works as an organizer that I could mark all my SL appointments as well as events that I like to follow on the respective date and time, for example a fashion show, a deadline, a fair, friends’ rezz days, wedding days and etc.  This Organizer will also send me alerts as the appointment and event draw closer.  It would be awesome if it could be something that work similarly to the Microsoft Outlook, that I could file the respective landmark, notecards and perhaps my prepared outfit that with a few clicks I would be all ready as soon as the alarm goes off.  Call me lazy, call me super OCD, but would it be cool if you have this to make our Second Life a little more easier? 😛

2. I wish Linden would increase its’ weekly allowance. Afterall, the more we spend in SL, the more it will help with the SL economy. 😛  Seriously, I so wish I have enough skills to get a good paying (and decent) job in SL to help me pay for my rent and shopping sprees.

3. I kinna mentioned this in my first Meme post….I wish I will be able to own a sim one day with a fantasy theme that I will be able to offer store space to some of my lovely designer friends here; and on my sim a genie that could grant me another 3 wishes. 😛

If you have read my first Meme post, you will know that I love to delete stuffs in my inventory and sometimes too much so on second thought, I also wish we have an undo button for our inventory, to undo items that I have accidentally deleted in the trash or sentences on the notecards.

My Meme style today is a punk queen because my Genie said so! 😀

Have a great weekend everyone.  Do join the Meme Blogger Challenge if you like and feel free to leave your link in my comment box so me and other readers could read about yours. 🙂


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Morgan Mesh Hair – Chocolate

Crown: *SoliDea FoliEs* Soleil/Crown

Dress:  Pure Poison – La Rose Dress

Necklace 1: .Shi : Starburst Necklace

Necklace 2: ISON – stark dagger necklace -long- (FLF item)

Belt: LaGyo_Wanda hole belt Black

Ring:Baiastice_Cross ring-white- (Fameshed item)

Boots: DN Mesh: Fuzzy Heels

Eyeshadow: elymode: makeup – confetti-ish bright – green

Eyeliner: Inside Lab. Drama QueenLiner

Nails: Mandala

Pose: Manifeste

My Seven (I Mean Eight) SL Facts Meme

My RL friend, JoV, introduced the idea of blog to me many years ago.  She is an avid book blogger and runs a very successful book blog called JoV’s Book Pyramid that I really enjoy reading.  I tried like one book/reading challenge with her and another blogger.  It was fun but I am a slow reader and felt bad when the rest of them had to wait for me to complete my reading.  Plus, I am sometimes (well actually most of my free time not that I have a lot) in SL doing something I like too, so I didn’t participate further in any of the challenges.  The idea of blog challenge, however, has been at the back of my mind since then.

Blogger challenge in SL seems fun to me and they are mostly pictures driven with some writing, which is something I enjoy doing in SL.  So today, I have finally got myself started in the Memes blog challenge, championed by Strawberry Singh.  I picked My Seven SL Facts Meme for the first challenge because… well you will read about it below. 🙂

My SL Fact #1:

I like to delete stuffs and at times accidentally delete something important.  I have deleted style card and description notes that I have prepared and dued on the same day, and had to redo them very last minute.  After the first experience, I always send a copy to a friend for safekeeping. 😀

My SL Fact #2:

In line with Fact #1, I clean my trash a few times a day because I never liked my inventory size to go beyond 50K.  At the moment it is at 65,007, way beyond my limits, so I need to stay calm and keep blogging until my next scheduled spring cleaning in June.  God helps this super OCD!

My SL Fact #3:

As much as I love my home on the ground, I stand on the platform most time, styling, chatting with friends and taking pictures.  A few things I MUST have on my platform – a pose stand, a wall behind where I place my pose stand for styling purpose (not for photography and don’t ask me why) and a runway!

shi + Baiastice + zenith 2500

My SL Fact #4:

My first job in SL was a lucky chair group spammer.  I still like to play lucky chairs ocassionally and I spam my friend when I see their letters. 😛

My SL Fact #5:

I had a SL family and a partnership between year 2007 and 2011, unfortunately most of the members have left SL.  I still miss them dearly (Moon! Masaru! Where are you??).  That remains as my best time in SL.  Having said that, I am grateful that one of my very first friends that I met over lucky chairs is still around. /me hugs Clover Munro. <333

My SL Fact #6:

Some of you might already knew that, my SL firstname “Ai” is inspired by RL model Ai Tominaga.  I have always wanted to be a model since young. 🙂

shi + Baiastice + zenith front 2500

My SL Fact #7:

I made and sold T-shirts and gift boxes in the past.  If you have items from the brand “Back to B@sic” and “LAUGH” in your inventory, they could be made by me. 😛  The items are not that great but thank you very much to those friends that have supported me. 🙂

My SL Fact #8:

I have decided to add another fact to wrap things up for this post which explains why I picked this particular Meme topic to begin with, like a little get-to-know-me session before I get Meme deeper into the challenge. ^.^

….and that’s just me, I always likes to have a beginning and ending to everything I do.  If I started something, I would work on finishing it even it might take longer (or forever)…so (message to Joy L)  one day I will pick up creating again. I’m sure!

One day, I also hope to be a sim owner and build a fantasy theme that will offer store space to some of my dear designer friends in SL.  I was almost going to do it but with a turn of a rl event, I have to shelf this idea.  It seems to be a dream that will not happen anytime soon but it is still at the back of my mind.

Five years, going to be six soon, I’m grateful of what I have in SL todate.  Some true friendship, people’s appreciation of my works (I just saw in a group that I am one of their Top Bloggers, among some really great one, and am really grateful for that recognition) and blogging and work opportunities.  Thank you to those that believe in me.

My Meme style today, as below. 🙂  Love the new releases from .SHI, Zenith, HANDverk and Baiastice!


Hair:  .Shi Hair : Quiet Confidence [Chestnut Honey 2]

Top: Baiastice_Kasia studded top-yellow

Pants: Essences – Lipstick 02 glossy (dark skintones)

Shoes: .Shi : Hive Highwaist Shorts

Bag: =Zenith=Leather Pack Mini Bucket Bag

Necklaces: MG – Necklace – Robot Dream Ride – Robot (Collabor88 item)

Bracelet: [HANDverk]Strand Bracelet.psychotic pink

Lipstick: Essences – Lipstick 02 glossy (dark skintones)

Lipgloss: blackLiquid MAKEUP – kabuki red sheer shimer

Pose: Di’s Opera (Limited Baazar)