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For Miss Nice Wildrose Only

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am officially behind on my blogging schedules this week.  As promised, I have set a goal to improve my pictures quality and doing my best in maintaining the consistency, so I am taking more time in editing them.  To designers that entrusted me with their beautiful creations, I will get to your releases as soon as I can.  Your patience is highly appreciated.

For today, I am showing you the beautiful creations from Chop Zuey and Tres Beau made especially for Miss Nice Wildrose for her evening gown presentation, representing Turkey, at the MVW 2013 finale.  This gown and the jewelry set that goes with it, is one of my personal favourites because I have always love lace and frills as well as jewelries that is fashionable with a twist of fantasy.  It is really a great honour to have the opportunity to blog them.

Without further ado, I present to you the Tres Beau “Miss Nice Wildflower” MVW 2013 gown and Chop Zuey MVW Hagia Sophia Circlette Set.

CZ + Tres Beau (Nice) 1024

CZ + Tres Beau (Nice) Close shot 1024

The Veronica hair from Naive is just perfect for this look and your limo below to pick up these lovely items. ❤

Tres Beau mainstore

Chop Zuey Mainstore

Naive on Marketplace


Hair: naive. hair veronica brown

Gown: Tres Beau “Miss Nice WIldflower” gown

Jewelry: MVW Hagia Sophia Circlette Set

Eye Lashes: [LeLutka]-2011 lashes/natur

Eyeshadow: *elymode* makeup – smoke frost – 1 w/blush

Lipstick:*Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure – Faded Lipstick Nude


It is an honour to be posing with Leah on her blog.  The fabulous ideas from Leah came about when we were chatting and talking about weathers and tempretures at where we lived in RL i.e. Leah in Uruguay (Southern hemisphere) and I’m in Canada (Northern hemisphere).  So our seasons are always opposite of each other. It makes a lot of sense to do this picture because that help explains why we see people layering themselves around the grid while others are going simple and light.

The beautiful picture was taken at the New York sim by Leah.  While the sim is colourful and summery at the moment, I love what Leah did with the winter side of it.  The contrast and the colours really reflect the mood of both seasons without much descriptions needed, and just FYI, we were literally standing side by side, next to the post, so you can imagine the rest are all results of Leah’s visualization and skills.

Click pic for larger view

Just like Leah, it’s been quite a week for me too.  There are ups and downs but I am glad my week ended with a high note with the PurpleMoon “On this side of PurpleMoon” styling contest announcement and most part I am happy for Leah becoming an officially candidate for the Miss Virtual World 2013 pageant, representing her home country as Miss Uruguay.  Leah has came a long way and she has always worked hard.  Those who are close to her or have followed her works would know how talented she is but most importantly the efforts and time she has put into polishing her modeling skills.  It is definitely a well deserved achievement for her.

Check out Leah’s blog for her styling for this post, as well as her journey and experience in the MVW 2013 pageant.

Have a great week ahead everyone! <333


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Annette Mesh Hair – Black coffee

Earrings: *VoguE* Earrings Gold (group gift)

Necklace: (Yummy) Featherweight Necklace (collarbor88 item)

Top: Vita’s Summer Blouse (summer fair item)

Shorts:  JANE – every day shorts.eggshell

Bag: Maitreya Mesh Shopper – Jelly Bean

Ring: LaGyo_Cube ring bronze

Shoes: Leverocci – Cadenza Wedge (Candy)

Location: New York sim