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Ad for Chop Zuey Couture

These print ads are made for Chop Zuey Couture by October Studios and will be published in the October Magazine soon.  Publication date to be determined.

There were three themes to the photo shoot, depicting the versatility of Chop Zuey’s jewelry and the multiple facet the jewelry is able to offer on styling.

Happy previewing. 🙂

“Glamorous Couture” 

I was wearing two of the same necklace in the photo, one re-adjusted to sit right underneath the first one and it instantly elevated the overall look.  The ring was attached to my index finger adding a more trendy and edgy feel to the look too.


The Mother of all – Turtle set may look a little bulky on the vendor and I was skeptical to put on all the pieces but they look so appropriate and lively in this picture and I love them as much as the rest of the themes.

I can’t wait for the last theme photos, styled by Ava Jhamin and October Bettencourt, which will be available on a later date.

A million thank you to Belle Roussel, October Bettencourt and Ava Jhamin on their helps, making me look so gorgeous in these print ads.  <333


Photographer: October Bettencourt (October Studios)

Picture 1 (Glamorous Couture)

Model & Stylist:  Ai Hienrichs

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey Couture Visions of Sugarplums

Gown: Fellini Couture Crescendo

Hair: Vanity Hair Stradivarius HP-Nova Brown

Stocking:  HAYZURIZA Black

Nails: Mandala female medium

Picture 2 (Tropical)

Model & Stylist:  Ai Hienrichs

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey Couture Mother of All – Turtles

Outfit: Purplemoon Guarana Bikini – Blue

Hair: Vanity Hair Minerva HP-Nova Brown

Nails: Mandala female (medium)