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Favourite Genes

The name “Favourite Genes” (FG) has been stucked with me since I blogged for the brand in the last Fantasy Faire.  I find the word “genes” a brilliant description for a skin store; whether we are yellow, green, pink, purple or azure it all boils down to our genes, and in Second Life we are lucky to be able to pick and wear our “favourite genes”. 🙂

This year FG is back at the Faire with skin focusing on the air elements for men and women.  The skin comes with tattoo layers that offer the options of adding different colour sparkles on the skin.  As air is an element that we could only feel but hardly see, the air element skin is made very pale and somewhat transparent and best view under bright windlight settings.  I added eyeshadows and eyelashes from Musa.  Even air can be sexy. 🙂

Musa + FG 2500

Also, from the Faire is the Erika Hair from Wasabi Pills that comes in Pink, Purple and Azure. 🙂

Favourite Genes is on the Dragon Spire sim  and Wasabi Pills is on the Magnificat sim.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Erika Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Crystal pink (FFL 2013)

Skin: {FG} RFL 2013 Air Elemental 1

Tattoo: Favourite Genes FF 2013 Sparkle Violet FB

Eyelashes: !Musa! EyeLashes5 Elegant Navy

Eyeshadows: !Musa! Eyeshadow Sharon4

Eyeliner: PIDIDDLE – Latex Liner&Lashes – Plastic Pink (Cosmetic Fair 2013)

Sleeves: the muses . Starfall . Sleeve. Silver

Pose: Musa Fantasy pose 038

Hakuna Matata

OK, so my subject has no relation to my post today.  It’s just a phrase that I would like to remind myself.  Hakuna Matata it means no worries. 🙂

The two numbers I have today are from SHIKI, actually there are three because I mixed two of the outfits in one of my stylings.

Angelus Obscurus and Regina are exclusive creations made for the Avenue Cinque event.  Both gowns in beautiful black shades and flexi skirt prims look really good when mixed together! I just hope my photography has done justice to these gowns.

I am wearing the top from the Angelus set and the waist and skirt prims from Regina.  You can definitely try a different matching,  They are very versatile, you will be able to create your own gowns easily.

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

The third gown, Helvana, is one of the most recent releases from Shinichi-san, from the collection in collaboration with Vinn Wong, a RL artist.  To find out more about Vinn Wong, visit his website here.

The version of Helvana gown I am wearing is called Ashen.  Purple is my favourite shades and I admire how the shades of pink, purple, plum, green, white and silver are blended on this lovely gown.  The silky black base just allows the prints shine and drop shoulder and fur give some glam touch to the gown.

Click pic for larger view

To make these gowns yours, visit SHIKI on Zenshi.  Both Angelus Obscurus and Regina are available until November 11 only, so don’t take too long to get there.


Look 1

Hair: ::Exile::  All for Love:Swiss

Head dress: PIDIDDLE – Ceramic Flower Headpiece – Rose (The Attic item)


Skirt: from SHIKI-Couture Dress REGINA-LIVIDUS-

Bracelet: Gold metal [MANDALA]POLLY Bracelet/ROSE

Makeup: -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – warm shine

Pose: Agapee

Location: BWC Village

Look 2

Hair & Hat: washu sangria

Gown: SHIKI-Mesh Dress HELVANA-Ashen

Gloves: Miamai_Anielle Silk Rose

Necklace:  [HANDverk]Pearl Necklace.lavender/silver (Past L’accessoires item)

Location: Black Kite

My Halloween Picks

Halloween is slowly creeping in so it’s time to pick out my halloween outfit, or should I say outfit(s). 😉

My Pick 1

This outfit, from AD Creations, includes the skeletons both on the collar and the hands, that looks a little ghostly.  I paired the outfit with the skeleton boots, also from AD Creations and a lace hat for LwL.  It is a freakily sexy piece.

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

My Pick 2

This outfit, from PurpleMoon, has all the details I could imagine as well as all the details I couldn’t imagine. The outfits come with claws and rings, candles, skulls, as well as a headpiece which was a horn that I have swapped with the creature headpiece, also from PurpleMoon.  My siver skin is Halloween group gift from Amacci.

Click pic for larger view

My Pick 3 

My third pick, I have decided to do something less scary but elegant.  I paired the Toga dress from SHI with the latest release from Fellini.  The skeleton hand that comes with the Toga dress is so detailed I have decided to leave it on, although my ides for this styling is about spiders.

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

Yeah, I am greedy this year.  There are just full of amazing outfits and items around the grid and most importantly they are either free or very affordable, which I have to say is an extremely scarry thing for my SL wallet and inventory.  :-S

Happy Halloween everyone!


My Pick 1

Head dress: [LWL] Amelie Veil/black (FAIR item)

Skin: – Quarantine – Fragmented Love Broken Doll Skin

Lipstick: PIDIDDLE – LipPastels – Vanilla Icing

Outfit: [AD] Creations Bone mesh goth dress

Shoes: [Aliza Karu] Bone shoes

Pose 1: Del May

Pose 2: Di’s Opera

Location: Vita’s Boudoir

My Pick 2

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Esyae Hair – Chocolate

Head dress: :: PM :: Creatura Headpiece – Halloween Special

Skin: Amacci Skin – Liane (Goth) – Silver (Group Gift)

Outfit: :: PM :: Sacrifice in Black – Halloween Special

Location: Vita’s Boudoir

My Pick 3

Hair: *Dura* Group gift2 -Halloween 2012-DAR

Head dress: Vita’s Spider Web hat

Top & Flowers: Part of Fellini Couture– Patchouli

Dress & Skeleton Hand: .Shi : Toga Dress – Black (Limited Baazar item)

Shoes: Vita’s Dragon Shoes

Necklace: Chop Zuey Itsy Bitsy Spider Collar (Gift for non group member)

Lipstick: [mock] Cosmetics Red Hot Lipstain (2) (Lip only)

Spider on face: *VoguE* Halloween Make Up (Spider) – Past Halloween item

Poses: Del May

Location: Slaughterhouse

Misty Morning

This is my second entry for the Mon Tissu Blogger Search. For my second entry, I did a rather simple styling recycling some of the items I used for the first entry.   If we were allowed third entry, I would showcase the same clothings too, wearing them in different ways.

For this entry, I went to the nature.  With some helps with the viewer’s environment settings, I did a morning foggy effect because the misty morning idea just came to me when I did my styling on a very early and chilly Monday morning.  Apart from the credits, I will also share my environment settings here, so read on if you are interested to achieve similar effects.  Do bear in mind that the results will depend on the graphic card, the angle of your camera as well as the directions you are facing 🙂

A gentle reminder to click the picture for a larger view.

Mon Tissu Blogger Search Entry #2 – Misty Morning


I styled this on an early chilly Monday morning, so the idea of a misty morning scene came into my mind.  The weather is cooling down at my part of the world and early birds that need to get to work or school will wake up to misty mornings and cooling breeze.  I lived in a city but yearn to have a lakefront view home one day.  The misty and foggy view on the lake in the morning gives a fresh and mysterous mood and I love the moment when the sunlight beams through the fog.

Until I have my lakefront home in RL, I am glad I get to see my dream taking shape in SL, where I just have to tped to the ground and create this beautiful misty Monday morning lakeside scene without much hassles and lindens. 😉

For my styling, I recycle some of the items I used for my first entry but with a different style.  Hope you like it as much as I do.


Model/Photographer/Set/Editorial: Ai Hienrichs

Skin:-tres blah- {Light} C88 Glossed Skin – Light Brows

Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Hazel

Hair: Vanity Hair: Playful-Soil

Tank Top: Zenith color Tank Shirt (Yellow)

Scarf: {mon tissu} Infinity Scarf / Chest – Heathered

Sweater: {mon tissu} Slouchy Sweatshirt

Shorts: {mon tissu} Hanalei Shorts ~ Graffitikat

Tights: {mon tissu} Favorite Wool Tights ~ Heather Gray

Glasses: {mon tissu} Four Corners Readers ~ Black

Necklace: MANDALA simple/Long Onigiri Necklace/Charcoal

Ring: PIDIDDLE – Love Sick Ring

Watch: *Muism* Chronotech G5_Sand

Bag: {mon tissu} Sophmore Satchel / Shoulder Strap ~ Glossy Peach

Shoes:  {mon tissu} Heathrow Boots – Ash

Eyeshadows: LAQ ~ Eye makeup 01a

Lipstick: *Fishy Strawberry* Makeup – Allure – Faded Lipstick Nude

Pose: oOo shrimp_freebie & pose from the bag


Tree trunk: :Cheeky Pea: & PILOT – Backyard Cinema Tree

Tree: Botanical – T2C Linden XSmall A [c]

Rocks: by Cel Edman of Pixellab

Grass: [ Organica ] Sedge Grass – Green

Location:  My home


Windlight Setting: Alchemy Immortalis – Foggy Morning

Haze Density: 2.3

Density Multiplier: 0.54

Sun/Moon Position: 9am

East Angle: 0.44

Scene Gamma: 1.15

Windlight Water: Murky

Black Couture

Vero Modero released it’s first part of the Black Couture Series recently that consists of three beautiful outfits.  Instead of blogging the outfits like what I did, I have decided to create my own using the three of them.  Hope you like it.

The Bliss Florentine Hat from L’accessoires is the perfect accessory for my ensemble.  I am absolutely loving this Black Couture styling. 🙂

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

You can create your own ensemble too @ Vero Modero! <333


Hat: !*Bliss Couture*! Florentine Hat – Noir (L’accessoires item)

Hair: [kik]Ria I(dark brown2) – tinted

Collar: from Vero Modero Isabel Que Dress (NEW)

Shoulder frills with leafs: from Vero Modero Merlin Myst Dress (NEW)

Shirt & pants layer: from Vero Modero Aylo Owl Dress Black 9NEW)

Skirt: from Vero Modero Merlin Myst Dress (NEW)

Shoes: [Gos] Storm Sandal in Black Leather

Gloves: *Bliss Couture* Puff Glove – Noir

Lipstick: PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Matte Indulge Me

Italic = Review item