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My daughter is a huge fan of Rapunzel and with her influence I have started to love this character too.  We love Rapunzel for her personality and look.  In the Disney’s version of Rapunzel she is feisty, defiant, kind, sweet, energetic, courageous, innocent and beautiful.  This has inspired me to make a photo theme of Rapunzel with a modern twist in SL.  After months of planning, it is really Skip Staheli that has realized the images for me.  Skip is a very very talented photographer in SL.  No wait!  I would not consider Skip a photographer.  He is really an artist, and a very talented and creative one!

Take a look at the pictures yourself, I don’t think I need a blonde hair and a comb to say the rest! 😀


Click photo for larger view

Click photo for larger view

Do note that some items have been edited to meet the desired theme.  Check the following for an original version of the shot.

Original version of the photoshot

You may also visit Skip’s photostream on flickr for all his works.


Hair: Analog Dog Tangled Dark Reds

Top Shirt layer and sleeves: Part of Fellini Couture Dolce Vita

Flower prims: Part of Fellini Couture Argepe

Skirt: Part of Fellini Couture Fabulous

Bracelet: Glow Studio Ribbon and Pearl Bracelet retexture

Lashes: Lelutka 2011 / natur

Nails: Mandala female medium

p/s:  Love all my Fellini Couture gowns!