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I would like to share my last three stylings for the CoC finale in this post, which will mark the end of the CoC competition for 2012.  Our last three challenges were extremely demanding because on top of the themes we were given, every finalist was also given a “brand” to style along.  A brand in this case means an image that we have to keep in mind in our styling for the given theme.  My brand was “bizzare”.

The styling we were asked to do on Saturday’s runway challenge together with an interview was “Futuristic Prints”.   For this theme, I styled with outfits from SyS, Bare Rose and Gasqhe and accessories from Finesmith and SyS.  For my “bizzare” brand I had a doll head behind of me, hence when I turned it looked like a second head.  Check my style card below.

I have expected to see similar outfits from other finalists in this challenge because there aren’t many designers that are specialize in making cyber / futuristic clothing so I have to make the outfits like my own by customizing them.  I removed the lace layers from the SyS skirt because they looked too girlie for this theme and I tinted the lights on the skirt to purple and green matching them with my Gasqhe outfit.  I did the same tinting with my SyS earrings.  For my Bare Rose outfit, I retextured the collar and cuffs too and now it is an unique piece that is completely own my me!

Style Card

Hair: UrbantLutz

Eye lashes: blackLiquid (retextured)

Earrings: SyS (tinted and readjusted)

Sleeves, raised collar, inner skirt & second top layer: Gasqhe

Second collar, first top layer, pants & cuffs : Bare Rose (retextured)

Third top layer and bra set: Bare Rose

Outer skirt layer: SyS (edited and retextured)

Shoes & Ring: Finesmith

Makeup: White Widow & a.e.meth & MDL

Poses: LAP & Izzie


And in our finale, we had two styling challenges, Colour Blocking & Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2012.

I love colour blocking and I have done one in one of my posts earlier.  This time I used a big hair, elaborate glasses and a zipped lip to speak about bizzare.  I tied my accessories to the colour blocking theme too.  This is my most favourite style among all I did in the competition.

Style Card

Hair: Emo-tion (tinted)

Glasses & lips, Cuffs and Tights: Ladies Who Lunch.  Glasses tinted.

Harness: .SHI (tinted)

Inner Top: GField

Dress: Hucci

Boots: Cheerno

Rings: Shade Throne

Makeup: Shake up

Poses: Del May, Maitreya & Amacci


On the contrary, the Diane Von Furstenberg Resort 2012’s styling was the hardest for me because the theme is very specific.  Diane’s resort 2012 design are rather simple and relaxed and using of many neutral colours such as white, black and grey.  Though they are beautiful, it’s definitely not easy to make my styling unique, and bizzare.   So I have decided to use simple clothing and colours and use accessories to play up my bizzare brand.  I also added a moving butterfly on my back just to emphazise my brand and also my intention to add a surprise for the judges when I do my back pose.

I am grateful to have two sponsors in this styling.  Belle from Chop Zuey has again kindly sponsored me the Butterfly – Hare Chrysalis head dress and Julia Merosi from Je Suis has sent me her latest exclusive release at the culture shock the Coquet MESH BAG.  A million thank you to Belle and Julia.  Thank you for your supports and believing in me.

Style Card

Head Dress: Chop Zuey

Hair: Exile

Butterflies on face & shoes: “Nostal;Dir”

Butterflies on shirt: Cheerno

Butterfly on back: Vita’s Boudoir

Inner Top 1: LG

Outer Top 2: Indyra

Outer Top 3: Aoharu

Belt: The Secret Store

Pants: Celoe

Clutch: Je Suis (exclusive at Culture Shock)

Shoes: Anthor

Makeup: elymode

Gloves & prim hands: TENS

Pose: Diesel Works & The Muse



So some of you might wonder how the finale went.  I came in 5th place as the 4th runner up among 16 finalists.  It is not the results I am most happy with and for those who were at the finale and/or have followed us in the entire competition saw how I have performed and competed.  I have worked hard and gave my 101%.  Not doubt, the rest of the finalists too and I respect every one of their participations and styles.  All the finalists were great, friendly and fun to be with.

As for myself, I am proud of what I have accomplished in this competition that I outdid myself in every challenge and in every aspect.  I have managed to remain consistent and focused throughout the whole 5 weeks and I shown the world what I am capable off.  Nothing speak louder and clearer than that despite what the results say.

Again, I want to thank those that have supported me throughout this entire time.  My mentor and dear friend Leah McCullough that has been there for me for every ups and downs.  Thank you so so much Leah, and Debbie Jasper that went into the competition with me and we have grew so much closer in this competition, thanks for keeping me on the course and keeping me calm Deb! And all my sponsors i.e. Chop Zuey, NYU and Je Suis.  Also Nice, Sessie, Ashia, Bea, thank you for your encouragements and the vote of confident.

Last but not least those who have made an effort and a point to drop me a note or IMs to tell me you liked my styling and more.

You are all winners in my heart.  I Love You all!!  <333

I am definitely ready for bigger challenges that will come my way, so watch this space!

Colour of Couture – Week 3

Our challenge this week is on the runway, styling and presenting the fashion of vintage in an Americana way.   Prim plaids, pastel checks, classic tablecloth ginghams, small exposures of midriffs, high waistbands, cat eye sunglasses were the given clues.  Though MADmatch is the latest trend for this spring but putting on plaids, checks and ginghams the same time, might be a little too much for me.  Hence, I opted for plaids for my shirt and checks for my clutch.

As my motto is always to look difference at every challenge, I have decided to stick to black & white theme this round, with a touch of red using the accessories.

This is the result. 🙂

I like to thank Sora and Rogan for customization their poses for me.  They have been really helpful in the process.

Also, once again to Nyunyu Kimono for sponsoring her clothing.  That skirt is definitely a winner!  I hope you like my styling Nyunyu.

Our headshots are also up this week.  You can check them out on the CoC’s blog or flickr.

We are just two more challenges and two weekends away to our final.  I am glad to see that CoC is gaining alot of momentum and publicity.  As I discussed the contest with others, I am happy to hear that more people are aware of the Organization and competition now.  We even had a full house at yesterday’s runway challenge.  Though it was much more laggy, but the same time it was very was satisfying to see the numbers of turned up at the event.

Your supports mean alot to every one of us in the competition so please keep it up! 😉

On personal level, I find our challenges are getting tougher by week.  Expectations have been elevated on styling, poses and more.  It is definitely not easy to keep up given other commitmenst in RL and SL.  Though I am enjoying the process, ironically, I am looking forward to go back to my daily life in two weeks’ time.

Til then, your supports would be my motivation to keep going.   I appreciate every encouragement received through IMs, notecards and comments so far.   Just thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.


Hair: Clawtooth Femme fatale (bun) – Chocolate Cake (edited)

Top: Aoharu FrontKnotShirt_Plaid/Black

Bra Top layer: part of artilleri/ Annalee bikini (shirt) *black*

High waist layer: part of Purplemoon Di Bodysuit in Black

Skirt: NYU – Debut, Peplum Skirt, Charcoal

Shoes: *GF* Ribbon Slingback Shoes

Clutch: Maitreya MCEHT Clutch

Gloves: The Secret Store Fine gloves – Cherry

Eyewear: Purplemoon Dorothy Cat Eye Glasses Cherry/Brown

Anklet: Icing Cherry Charm Anklet – edited (no longer available)

Ring: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE LIP RING (black!)

Scarf: Decoy Mraz Scarf – Ruby

Pose 1: Diesel Works Vixie3

Pose 2: Agape agps_fe178