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Soaking in the sun

Growing up in a tropical country where sun and humidity is in our everyday’s lives, I have not come to appreciate the sun so much until I have moved to a four-season country with shorter daylight and extreme winter condition at times.  Don’t get me wrong, not that I don’t like the sun but when one have too much of something, it is often being taken for granted…but I will never say the same again about that beautiful sunshine.

This summer I have learned to enjoy myself more outdoor and soaking in the sun.  It feels really good and uplifting….so I have decided to do it again today in my lovely tropical bikini from Shiki Designs.  I love the prints on the bikini because it is very colourful and they remind me of where I came from.

HF5 - tram + shiki 2048

If you would like to bring some tropical home, make sure you grab one of the latest Shiki Bikini today!

For my beach styling today, I did a playful look with the latest hair from tram available at the Hair Fair 2013, matching it with a pair of neko ears from Pr!tty as well as a seaband from Exile.

Enjoy the rest of your summer everyone!


Hair: tram  C606 hair / brown (Hair Fair 2013 item)

Kitty ears: pr!tty – Kitty Ears (part of the Exile Sea of Love hair)

Seaband: ::Exile:: sea band (part of  pr!tty – Cutiepie – hair at Hair Fair 2013)

Bikini: SHIKI-Mesh Bikini Bottom ORCHID

Makeup: blackLiquid MAKEUP –  just gloss & *Glance Skins – Anais – July – Eyeshadow 01

Radio: .: Standby Inc. – Beach Radio [Yollange] (past Arcade item)

Bench: The Dreamer Creations – Slatted Beach Lounger 2

Pose: Part of the bench


Living in the metropolitan city can be both exciting and depressing sometimes. It is vibrant during the day but stinky on a humid rainny day.  There are many ways to look at a city and I guess when we choose to live in one, we need to learn to love it.

For me, this is what the Shiki Metropolitan dress is all about.  The prints made up of many shapes and blocks, stacking on one another and at times look confusing, turned out to be a fabulous, modern and statement piece as an overall.

I am loving my metro, my city. 🙂

Shiki Metro 1024

Styling around this dress, I have picked the latest Billie Patent heels from ISON, made for the most recent cycle of Collabor88, for the modern and feminine look.

Also check out my accessories, they added sweetness to a gloomy day.

Happy Hump Day everyone! ❤


Hair: Clawtooth: Sugar Kisses – Coffee with cream (Collabor88)

Hat: LaGyo_Mia flat hat (Collabor88)

Dress: SHIKI-Zipper Dress-METROPOLITAN-yellow

Clutch: {Cherry} Fitch Ruffle Clutch – coral

Ring: [AUX] Melt My Heart – Red (Collabor88)

Heels: ISON – billie patent heels – (black) (Collabor88)

Eyeshadows: *elymode* makeup – smoke frost – 2

Lipstick: -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – ancient rose

Pose: Exposeur

Set: BA Paris Loft

Urban Symmetry by SHIKI Designs (S/S ’13 Collections)

SHIKI Designs has a lot of good things going on at this Spring & Summer (S/S).  The soon to be released S/S collections, Urban Symmetry, at the AVENUE Fashion Week (starting March 31) has really original and creative concept.  Not to mention, it is a huge leap for SHIKI to be creating its’ own mesh this season.

The idea behind of “Urban Symmetry” is taking the most unflattering and dull objects within the City and turn them into detailed fabric; object such as bricks, wired fences, discarded cans, rotten leaves, and garbage netting.  Shinichi and Vinn would like to take a positive approach, by showing us that even the simpliest things in life can also be very beautiful, by changing what is visually unappreciated objects to something that is exquisite and elegant.  This includes adopting simplicity, intricacy and geometry patterns to create that clean visions in their designs.

The Bedazzled Couture gown that I am wearing for example, is the inspiration from wired fence.  This dress has a double pointed bodice that symbolize energy and motion.  I especially like the midnight blue colour, it reflects classy and empowerment.

Shiki Metro Blue 2092

Come see SHIKI’s debut of its’ S/S Collections at the AVENUE Fashion Week next week!  More details about the Fashion Week to follow soon!


Hair: ::Exile:: Break Away:Swiss

Hat: Inside Lab. Ahri Hat Blue (L’accessoires)

Gown: SHIKI-mesh Gown BEDAZZLED-midnight blue (To be released at the AVENUE Fashion Week!)

Eyeshadow: Leverocci – Makeup_Shield Eyeshadow_Sapphire

Lipgloss: Blacklace Beauty Pout  Gloss

Pose: Posession

Hakuna Matata

OK, so my subject has no relation to my post today.  It’s just a phrase that I would like to remind myself.  Hakuna Matata it means no worries. 🙂

The two numbers I have today are from SHIKI, actually there are three because I mixed two of the outfits in one of my stylings.

Angelus Obscurus and Regina are exclusive creations made for the Avenue Cinque event.  Both gowns in beautiful black shades and flexi skirt prims look really good when mixed together! I just hope my photography has done justice to these gowns.

I am wearing the top from the Angelus set and the waist and skirt prims from Regina.  You can definitely try a different matching,  They are very versatile, you will be able to create your own gowns easily.

Click pic for larger view

Click pic for larger view

The third gown, Helvana, is one of the most recent releases from Shinichi-san, from the collection in collaboration with Vinn Wong, a RL artist.  To find out more about Vinn Wong, visit his website here.

The version of Helvana gown I am wearing is called Ashen.  Purple is my favourite shades and I admire how the shades of pink, purple, plum, green, white and silver are blended on this lovely gown.  The silky black base just allows the prints shine and drop shoulder and fur give some glam touch to the gown.

Click pic for larger view

To make these gowns yours, visit SHIKI on Zenshi.  Both Angelus Obscurus and Regina are available until November 11 only, so don’t take too long to get there.


Look 1

Hair: ::Exile::  All for Love:Swiss

Head dress: PIDIDDLE – Ceramic Flower Headpiece – Rose (The Attic item)


Skirt: from SHIKI-Couture Dress REGINA-LIVIDUS-

Bracelet: Gold metal [MANDALA]POLLY Bracelet/ROSE

Makeup: -Glam Affair- Layla lipstick – warm shine

Pose: Agapee

Location: BWC Village

Look 2

Hair & Hat: washu sangria

Gown: SHIKI-Mesh Dress HELVANA-Ashen

Gloves: Miamai_Anielle Silk Rose

Necklace:  [HANDverk]Pearl Necklace.lavender/silver (Past L’accessoires item)

Location: Black Kite

NYU & GOTZSCHE at L’Accessoires

L’accessoires will be opening its’ door at midnight today with many wonderful items awaiting you. Here are two more items to feed your curiosity, for just a couple of hours. 🙂

Click pic for larger view

Here’s your taxi booked to L’accessoires, at midnight, see you there Cinderella! 🙂


Ribbon: NYU – Bold Ribbon, Yellow (Plain)

Hair: [e] Flattery – Brown 09

Cuff 1: GOTZSCHE Wear. Plated Cuff – Vulkan

Cuff 2: GOTZSCHE Wear. Plated Cuff – Grun


Eye shadows: Leverocci – Makeup_Shield Eyeshadow_Brass

Lipstick: Dessess Skin Natural – Glamour tattoo lips }{DS