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After a nice holiday filled with sun, beaches, food, pictures, breeze, food again, shopping, alcohol, friends and more food, I have finally found my way back to SL. ūüėõ ¬†It felt really great to step away from my PC for awhile and spending the time exploring nature as well as checking out new things in RL;¬†and while I was on the road I had a lot of fun playing with some photo apps on my phone, which is the inspiration of¬†¬†my blog pictures today.

I called them my insta-holiday pics, hope you like them as much as I made them. ūüôā

HF 3 - lamb! + etc 2048

HF 2 - Clawtooth + etc 2048

HF4 - Amacci + etc 2048

HF 1 - FD + etc 2048

I have a lot to catch up and thank you very much for everyone’s patience and also designers that never failed to entrust me with their items. ¬†Four styles to kick start my post again!

ALL my hairs are from the HAIR FAIR 2013, so check out my first¬†hair fair post here for juicy details! ūüėČ

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone. ¬†It’s great to be back!


Blouse: The Secret Store РElsa Ruffle Shirt РWhite Bloom РCollabor88 item

Shorts: Heather Hotpants /red by LeeZu!

Shoes: Ingenue :: Alair :: Berry

Lipstick: Glam Affair РCLEO Рlipstick Р08 Europa

Bag:¬†AZOURY – Delicious Bag ¬†Poppy Red – L’accessoires item¬†‚̧

Pose: Diesel Works  РBombastic1


Dress: ISON Рruffle dress (yellow) РCollabor88 item

Necklace: Pure Poison  РCarmen Golden Necklace

Shoes: {{BSD Design studio}}supermodel Giuls peacock – SL Fashion Week item

Eye shadows:¬†[:ME:] Naomi’s EyeShadow (Lined Neutral)

Lipstick: Glam Affair РCLEO Рlipstick Р08 Europa

Pose:¬†Diesel Works – June’13 Gift3


Head dress: *SoliDea FoliEs* White Mila Рheadpiece

Outfit: *SoliDea FoliEs* White Season (Birthday release)

Mesh feet: Slink Mesh Feet (Rigged)

Shoes: ISON Рleather strap sandals -right- (white) РCollabor88 item

Makeup: *LpD* MakeUp Р*Marta* Complete (No Blush)

Eye shadows: KOOQLA Liquid shadow 01

Pose:  Diesel Works Julie6


Gown & head dress: :: PurpleMoon :: Aquarelle Gown in Aqua

Bangles & Ring:¬†E-Clipse Nephertari (Purple-Apple) – L’accessoires item

Eye shadows: *LpD* MakeUp Р*Ghita* Only Eyes

Lipstick: The Secret Garden Lip Laquer – Rosebud T

Pose:  Part of the Sofa (see below for credits)


Gazebo: Atelier Visconti Etienne Gazebo

Sofa: Atelier Visconti Etienne Sofa

Side table: Atelier Visconti Etienne Side Table

Lantern: Atelier Visconti Etienne Lantern Flame On

Trellis – ¬†D Źs“ďŠīú…īŠīĄŠīõ…™ŠīŹ…īŠīÄ ü DŠīás…™…Ę…īs¬†Grape Vine Trellis – Light

Cottage: [ba] lakeside cottage

Paintings: Apple Fall

Vacation, here I come!

Yes! It’s been a long while I have a vacation and I am really looking forward to it. ¬†Just going to be visiting the west side of my country, meeting and catching up with family and friends as well as celebrating the Canada Day!

I will be away from June 28 to July 15 (both days inclusive) and will not be blogging during these period. ¬†Depending on the volume I have to catch up, I might not get to blog for some in the month of July and I like to thank you for your understanding. ūüôā

Accompanying my post today, are some really beautiful and graceful items that one could bring along for a fashionable vacation.

The MOLICHiNO Shae Cape is trendy and a good travel company, keeping your shoulder warm throughout your journey.   I love the stamp prints on this Vero Modero Missy dress, that reminds me I can trek the world in style.

My statement piece today is the leather swan bag that I found at the current cycle of SL Fashion Week, by Le Primitif. ¬†It accentuates my graceful ensemble today. ūüôā

STAMP 1024

Last but not least, my Dry Martini hair from Vanity Hair. ¬†A good reminder to kick back and enjoy my vacation with a good glass of Martini while I leave all troubles behind. ¬†Oh! Don’t forget to check out my ring called Burst from HANVerk. ¬†They are made for the latest Attic event. ¬†Burst is a collection with very striking colours that will bring a burst to your overall ensemble.

Til we meet again, in a few weeks’ time, have a great summer!!

p/s: June & July babies, don’t forget to keep your post for the “Name Your SL Age Blogger Challenge” coming!


Hair: Vanity Hair:Dry Martini-Soil

Cape: MOLICHiNO Shae Cape РNon Rigged Aqua

Dress: [VM] VERO MODERO / Missy Dress

Shoes: РShoes Linda Р/ REDGRAVE

Bag: :::LP::: Leather Swan Tote-Turquoise (SL fashion Week item)

Ring: [HANDverk]Burst Ring.lapis lazuli/silver (The Attic item)

Eye shadows: cheLLe РMoon Dust (Jade) (Cosmetic Fair Summer 2013)

Lipstick: Essences РLipstick 03 glossy


Location: Lula

Hopeful Spring

Sometimes things happened for a reason –¬† How often we experienced the meaning of¬†this phrase?¬† Not often, at least¬†for me, but having said that, I believe I just had an experience of it.

Luck hasn’t been on my side for the last two weeks.¬† Last Monday, my husband met with¬†a car accident on his way to work.¬† He¬†is alright but his car isn’t.¬† I¬†had to hold my tears in front of my daughter after seeing the damaged car¬†because¬†it is just¬†too severe.¬† I imagined it must be a horrible experience for my¬†husband during the crash. ¬†I¬†prayed all the way home and thanked god that my husband was¬†not injured.¬†¬†¬†The¬†accident¬†has suddenly¬†put a great strain on our finances.¬†Both my husband and I¬†were emotionally frustrated because he needed the car¬†badly¬†for his new job.¬†¬†The accident happened on the same week when I was busy between¬†preparing for¬†AVENUE S/S fashion week and kid`s spring camp.¬† Being¬†busy¬†was a good thing because I needed something to take my mind off the car¬†problem.

When I was finally more settled with the incident, my health took a dip.¬†¬†I felt¬†pain on one of my breasts on¬†Friday night.¬† By Saturday morning, I could¬†feel a lump¬†and it was unusually¬†painful.¬† I dare not think what was it and at one point was contemplating if I should tell anyone.¬† Maybe the lump and pain would go away after some good rest? but who am I to fool?¬† It¬†was unusually painful¬†that I could not ignore.¬† Every step I took the pain was there to remind me of it.¬† So I finally acknowledged I needed medical consultation.¬† However, it was Easter weekends and my family doctor wasn’t working.¬† I tried another clinic and it was not opened too so I came home to sleep, and sleep.¬† Emotionally I was quite torn.¬† On¬†one hand, I was scared and frustrated.¬†¬†¬†I asked myself if I have been cursed with bad luck lately but on¬†the other hand, I told myself I needed to stay calm and¬†positive because bad mood and bad¬†vibes attract bad things.¬†¬†The rest of my memory of the weekend was very vague.¬† I don’t¬†quite¬†remember how I have survived it.

The¬†waiting at the clinic on Monday morning was agonizing.¬†¬†The urgent tone from the doctor after she had¬†examined me didn’t help.¬† She told me to make myself available for mammogram and ultra sound¬†appointments within the same week and¬†“AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”!¬† So I did.¬† I have to.¬† My appointments were scheduled on Wednesday morning.¬†¬†It was another¬†nerves wrecking wait.¬† I didn’t know what to think, I couldn’t eat, couldn’t focus on anything¬†so I slept¬†most time and¬†in between I¬†think I¬†edited some pictures for blogging too because I needed some distraction.¬† I also stepped back¬†from my Producer duties at the Fashion Week because knowing¬†myself I won’t be able to do a good job with such state of mind.

After six days of worries, my doctor gave me a clean bill this morning.  Turn out the lump and pain was due to gland tissues. It was a huge sigh of relief when she told me everything is alright.

OK, so I haven’t been truthful.¬† I said I couldn’t think but actually I did a lot of thinking for the past six days.¬† I asked myself what have¬†caused the possible of breast cancer¬†despite there is no such history in my family.¬† I came to realise I have been living under stress and¬†bad mood since¬†I moved to a foreign land.¬† A new environment, some bad experience and¬†with no support systems here¬†took the best of me.¬† I¬†realize I need to make adjustment.¬† I need to be more positive and put more focus on things that are deserving and let go of those that are underserving.¬† I know I need to keep my faith¬†and have a better control of my own mood.¬† I know I need¬†to change, soon, before everything is too late.

So today I have a clean bill of health but the experience I encountered for the past two weeks have changed my perspective of life.

Ozi Handverk Aris 2658

Molichino Avenue 2314

Sometimes things do happened for a reason. I was put through life and death, wealth and¬†health situations within a short span of two weeks,¬†to¬†understand what is most important to me. Today, I have choosen to share my experience here not because I wanted sympathy or empathy.¬† All I wanted to¬†share is the message of¬†focusing on what is most important to you in life and let the trivial ones go.¬† Don’t wait until it is too late.¬† In my case, I am glad it is not late for me.¬†¬†God has continued to¬†grant me the power of choice and I know I need to choose wisely this time.

Here is wishing everyone a beautiful,¬†hopeful and forward looking¬†spring.¬† Some nice clothings will definitely help¬†too¬†like the two I wore above. ūüôā

One more¬†day to the weekend….remember to come watch me walk on the Ricielli show tomorrow (Friday), as well as the closing Haute show on Saturday, along with some really fabulous stylists and models on the grid.¬† <333

Landmark to the shows here!

Landmark to the retail gallery here!


Look 1

Hair: ::Exile:: Beyond the Waves:Swiss

Hairband: LaGyo_Fran vinyl bow headbend Pink/Leo (TDR item)

Glasses: {{BSD Design studio}}sunglasses – supermodel olivia Ppink (SL Fashion Week item)

Dress: {.:OZI:.} LOUNGE dress SCANDI BLUE (AVENUE S/S Fashion Week item)

Tights: naive . noise leggings Pants pink

Boots: ***Arisaris Igs50 Bohemian Boot Camel

Lipstick: Pink Acid Mildred Lips & Teeth – Poppin Pink (SL Buddy Walk item)

Umbrella: [HANDverk]April Showers Parasol.pink.elephant (Collaboration item with Exposeur at Pose Fair 2013)

Pose: Diesel Works

Look 2

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Hathaway hair – Brown 4 (Collabor88 item)

Top: MOLiCHiNO Damson Shirt (AVENUE S/S Fashion Week item)

Bodysuit: MOLiCHiNO Jourdan Bodysuit (AVENUE S/S Fashion Week item)

Skirt: MOLiCHiNO Kadi Skirt (AVENUE S/S Fashion Week item)

Collar: [VM] VERO MODERO / Top Flowers (Part of Nese Leather Dress Nectarine) (AVENUE S/S Fashion Week item)

Ring:  [MANDALA] Motsumame Ring Red/Gold

Shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” -purple-

Head start for a busy day…

Getting a head start for a busy day…I slipped into a simple yet trendy dress,¬†threw on some accessories,¬†packed all my documents and gadgets in my new¬†travellers and leather¬†bags, picked the most comfortable and stylish shoes,¬†got myself a latte, and ready to hit the road.

Don’t mind the hair, they were intentionally being let down because I love how they feel as the wind blows. ūüôā

Liri 2160

Happy Hump Day!


Hair: >TRUTH< Nydia w/Roots – cocoa
Sunglass:  Baiastice_Candy shades-brown/gold-trasparent (The Arcade item)
Dress: MOLiCHiNO Liri Dress (Fawn)
Necklace: MG – Necklace – Beatrice – Short
Bangle {{BSD Design Studio}}ICONIC beauty bangle -coral (SL Fashion Week item Рcoming this Friday!)
Bag 1: {{BSD Design Studio}}Fashion model Traveller brown (SL Fashion Week item)
Bag 2: LaGyo_Triple leather bag purple (The Arcade item)
Shoes:{{BSD Design studio}}Serendipity(R)-trio (SL Fashion Week item)
Coffee: ABS Coffee Cup Prop
Pose: ABS Coffee Poses
Location: Luxemborg City

Visit to the Gallery

There is¬†an art¬†exhibition¬†in SL that you really shouldn’t miss, that’s the Shiki-Vinn Wong Exhibition.¬† I have to admit I have never seen Vinn Wong’s works in RL but I love how they turned out¬†when Shinichi-san adopted Vinn’s paintings onto the textures of his clothings.

Vinn Wong’s is a RL expressionism Artist and this collaboration between Shinichi Marty and¬†Vinn Wong¬†is just a perfect one.¬† The Exhibition¬†not¬†only allows¬†us to bring home¬†the unique line of¬†clothings, but also a chance to¬†own a copy of Vinn Wong’s paintings in SL.

For my visit to the Exhibition, I can’t help to put on the Ultionis -purple rain- dress.¬† I don’t care if I look like one of the paintings, they are just too beautiful to miss.

Ultri dress 1043

I paired my dress with the Trend Setter necklace from BSD Design Studio, to be released this Friday at the latest cycle of the SL Fashion Week, and¬†the Paraty¬†large leather bag from Zenith.¬† As usual, Zenith’s items always come with a hud to allow retexturing of parts, I feel like I am always using or wearing a new Zenith piece in just a few clicks.

My expression today? It is classy, trendy and definitely excited, with a¬†statement piece as always. ūüôā

Remember to check out the Exhibition.¬† It is also a perfect spot for photography. ūüôā


Hair: -LaViere- Sonia/WoodBark (Collabor88 item)

Necklace: {{BSD Design Studio}}Trend setter ‘s necklace Diamond (short) (SL Fashion Week item – coming soon on March 1)

Dress: SHIKI-Mesh Dress ULTIONIS-purple rain-

Bag: =Zenith= Paraty large leather bag (Beige)

Pose: Glow

Location: Shiki-Vinn Wong Exhibition Hall