I’m still on the AVENUE Spring/Summer Fashion Week indeed and there are so many genre of clothing for everyone. Here is a beautiful pastel set from Solidea Folies. I love how the Spring colour is incorporated into the “Solidea’s way”.  It looks fresh and cool.  Just like an early Spring.

Solidea Celeste Avenue 2662

We are half way into the Fashion Week and so far the shows have been really awesome.   If you haven’t been to the AVENUE Fashion Week show, don’t miss the last three days!  Also, make sure you visit the retail gallery to pick your loving spring/summer piece. 🙂

More details here.


Hair: Vanity Hair:The One-Soil

Headpiece: *SoliDea FoliEs* Color my Name Headpiece

Top & Pants: Solidea Folies Celeste

Pose: bang!

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