Curious about -Elan-

Weekend is here!!!  This means I am all geared up for the exciting events around the grid.  My feelings are mixed this weekend.  It is like anxious, excited and curious all packed in three days. 

Firstly, the winner for the Chop Zuey Girl Fall 2011 contest will be announced tomorrow (Oct 16).  I am getting sweaty palm just thinking about it.  There is also the Virtual New York Fashion Week (VNYFW) casting that I have decided to take on at the very last minute.  I nearly had an heart attack walking into my first casting very much unprepared.  That was a little bold and naive of me to do so but it was definitely a good experience.  Having said that, do I want to be so unprepared again??  Definitely not.

Now, the most fun part of the weekend so far is definitely the Noir Fashion Weekend that runs for three days.  Yes! Three days and twelve pampering fashion shows.  The show started off with the brand -Elan- showcasing its’ Fall/Autumn collections and I have to say the collections are refreshing.  I’m sure many fashion lovers would agree on that.   

The Curious design, especially, has quickly become a popular must have in many models and fashionistas’ wardrobe.  I have to admit after seeing the designer Alatiel Malies and the runway models in the Curious set, I had to run to the store to get one myself.  😀   

The design Curious is simple yet with the good use of shapes on the blouse and pants, it added a masculine touch to the design.  There are also a couple of things that I love about this outfit – its’ high cut waist with a thin black belt and gold buttons; the pant that is baggy at the right size and right place so the pants doesn’t look sloppy at all; and the lovely high collar and puffy shoulder white shirt that accentuate the overall look.

The Curious comes in three colors i.e. black, brown and blue and wearing any of this to a fashion show or anywhere around the grid, I am pretty sure all eyes will be on you. 🙂 

Here is your teleporter to -Elan- Mainstore and I’m bidding you a happy shopping!!

The following picture was taken at the Builder Brewery sim.  I just love this relaxing pose although it is not showing the outfit at its’ best.   

The credits of this ensemble go to….

Hair: booN YNO421 hair chestnut

Sunglass: Purplemoon  Vain Sunglasses in Burgundy

Shirt & Pants: -Elan- Curious brown

Shoes: Gos Storm Sandal in black leather

Earrings: Purplemoon Kenya Earrings in Cedar

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