BeStyle Magazine April 2012

I first came into contact with BeStyle for its’ first edition Gypset Styling Contest back in early March and my submission to the contest came in second.  Though I didn’t win any lindens but it was an honour to be invited by Agtaope Carter (Agy), owner of Bestyle, to join the Bestyle District Agency as a model and blogger.

I did a couple of collaboration posts with BeStyle since then.  Agy is a very kind and understanding individual and she allows the bloggers freedom to blog.  Not only that, she has always shown appreciations of the contribution from her team.  No wonder we see so many great bloggers, photographers, writers, models and etc on her team.

This month, in the April issue of the BeStyle Magazine, Agy has decided to have a column called “Zoom on the BeStyle Bloggers” to honour some of her bloggers and I was one of the lucky few that were featured.

Here are the original style pictures I sent in.

Click picture for larger view

Click picture for larger view

Find out what I am wearing in the BeStyle Magazine! Your ticket here. 🙂

Also remember to check the BeStyle Magazine April Issue for the rest of its’ content.  It is a fabulous magazine to learn about the latest fashion and styling ideas.  You will love what you see.

<333 Ai

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