Tu eres my rayo de sol Leah

This sunny and energetic gown, Sol de Mayo, is made by Joy Fellini, co-designed with Leah McCullough, as the national costume representing Uruguay, for Leah, at the finale of MVW 2013.  The meaning of the gown is “The sun shines above us”.  Leah relates all this to the sun on the Uruguayan’s flag and that when the sun shines the Uruguayan can do amazing things, and that all their dreams will come true by sharing, being passionate, humble, and working hard.

The meaning of this gown is just inspiring and meaningful and it is really a true honour to own a copy of it.

Sun 1440

I paired the gown with a crown from ToKid and the Carina headpiece from Solidea Folies for a fairy like look.

Today, I have also put on the best ever Christmas gift I have received, a new skin called Liu from Glance, from a wonderful friend.   When I put on the skin, I was shocked.  I thought my avi looks like myself in real life and when I examined it further, I realised my shape combined with the skin has alot of realistic and great features of a Southeast Asian with Chinese heritage i.e. the black thick brows, round nose, cherry lips (love those lips) and etc.  My photo above doesn’t quite do justice to the skin because of the lighthings.  I will blog this skin again with a closer faceshot when I have the chance. 🙂

Til then, want to be the sunshine?  Make sure you picked up Sol de Mayo at Fellini today. 🙂

The rest of the LM here!


Hair: [LeLutka]-EFFECT hair – Bournville

Headpiece 1: (TokiD) Fairy tales crown (cream) – tinted

Headpiece 2: *SoliDea FoliEs* Carina /white – headpiece

Gown: Fellini Couture- Sol de Mayo

Eyeshadows: *Glance Skins – Liu – Milk – Eyeshadow 03

Lipstick: *Glance Skins – Liu – Milk – Matte 07

Pose: Di’s Opera

Location: Just Visiting

2 thoughts on “Tu eres my rayo de sol Leah

  1. JoV

    It’s quite interesting that you have created a skirt which I cannot determine exactly what length it is! lol 😀 It could be flirty, proper or matrony length of skirt for all I know. Still if illusion is the creative purpose, you have achieved an amazing feat!

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