Mirror Mirror

I have been working on my photography and editing skills.  Besides doing this as an interest, I hope one day I am skilled enough to pick up some freelance works in SL or RL.  That way I don’t have to go back to the corporate world and I could work from home while spending more time raising my daughter.

I’m not a photographer nor a graphic artist in RL and I don’t even use a SLR camera for picture taking, so you can imagine the results of what you see on half of my pictures don’t come naturally, instead with a lot of hardworks and late nights editing plus practising.

Working on my blog pics are the best avenue in practising new techniques, and I love the idea that I get to blog for some of my favourite designers the same time.  Sometimes it is hard to strike a balance.  Do I want artistic pictures or do I want to showcase everything I have put on for a styling?  It is not easy to do both with my current photography skills but I am working on achieving it, meanwhile I guess I can do either or.

The results of the following picture is something I have not expected.  The image reminds me of the evil queen in the movie “Mirror Mirror”.  In case you are reading this literally, I really don’t mean the same promo pictures the movie made, just the essence of it.

Necklace 1702

Unfortunately, I didn’t achieve the results I wanted, but I have got this.  Hope you like it still.

Time to hit the sack.


Hair: Lelutka Salome

Necklace: {{BSD Design Studio}} – Stylister Necklace (SL Fashion Week item)

Headpiece: Glam Affair Divinity (L’accessoires item)

Eyeshadow: elymode Autumn gold

Lipstick: LAQ Elle Lip 3

Eye lashes: Maxi Gossamer

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